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December 12, 2023

HHS CareFUND: Putting Team Members First

It’s the single dad desperate for more hours so he can pay for his child’s medical treatment. It’s the grandmother raising her grandchildren on her own. It’s the woman bravely removing herself from an unsafe relationship.

These are the kinds of obstacles that many team members face every day and exactly the types of hardships the HHS CareFUND was created to help our team members overcome.

The brainchild of our founder, Jim Spry, the CareFUND extends a helping hand to HHS team members facing unexpected financial challenges. In this post, we’ll explain what the HHS CareFUND is, how it impacts our team member satisfaction and retention, and share a few stories from team members who received assistance.


What Is the CareFUND?

The CareFUND is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting HHS team members when they face difficulties outside of their control. Any HHS team member, whether salary or hourly, can apply to the CareFUND. The CareFUND committee then reviews their application and determines whether the case is eligible for assistance and how that assistance will be given.

CareFUND Process Graphic

The CareFUND is a company-wide effort funded entirely by HHS team members, leadership, and the board of directors. Donating is optional — team members do not have to contribute to receive help.

What Is the Impact of the CareFUND at HHS?

The CareFUND shows HHS team members that HHS values are backed by policies and programs that provide tangible relief. This builds trust with our team members and is one of our most popular programs with our customers.

CareFUND Quote Graphic

4 Real CareFUND Stories

The following stories come from actual cases in 2023.

Team member names have not been shared to protect their privacy.

Care After 36 Years With HHS

One of our longest-tenured team members has recently entered hospice following multiple hospitalizations. Their daughter reached out for support with the team member’s living expenses. The CareFUND committee approved the maximum amount of financial assistance to provide comfort and remove stress as the team member and their family prepare for their final stage of life.

Avoiding Homelessness

Before joining HHS, this team member was unemployed, living off “side gigs,” and struggling to pay rent. After being hired by HHS, they were thrilled to have a stable income that covered their monthly expenses.

However, the two-week waiting period before receiving a paycheck caused the team member to be late again on rent. Facing eviction with no family in the area, they had nowhere to go. The CareFUND covered the team member’s deposit and the first month’s rent for a new apartment.

Help After a Fire

A fire destroyed a team member’s home and all of her possessions. The CareFUND helped the team member and her family get back on their feet by paying the first month’s mortgage on her new home, as well as providing a monetary gift to help her family replace their lost belongings.

Supporting a New Beginning

A team member recently suffered domestic abuse and is taking steps to remove herself from a violent living situation. The sudden loss of her husband’s income made paying bills difficult. The CareFUND assisted by paying for one month’s mortgage payment and electricity bill.

The Ongoing Commitment to Team Member Support and Engagement

Employers are responsible for considering their team members’ well-being when creating and executing rules, policies, and procedures. When taken a step further, companies can make the most of this opportunity to establish trust by supporting team members both while at work and outside of work. The CareFUND accomplishes this, and HHS reaps the benefits in team member retention and satisfaction.

Learn more about HHS’ approach to team member engagement and retention.


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