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November 17, 2023

Corporate Chef Michael Lopes Brings Extensive Culinary Experience to HHS and Quickly Finds Success

20180401_141658 - Michael LopesMichael Lopes began his culinary education at Newbury College in Brookline, Massachusetts. After graduating with a degree in culinary arts, an opportunity to continue his education in Germany presented itself. He worked at a Michelin two-star restaurant at the Four Seasons Hotel in Munich, Germany, while also obtaining his bachelor of arts degree in Hotel Restaurant.

Returning to the U.S., he became a professor at the New York Restaurant School in Manhattan. Later he enjoyed a tenure as the front office manager at the United Nations Plaza Hotel, followed by a pivotal role as the assistant general manager of the historic Williamsburg Inn, positions with renowned establishments like the Blue Talon and the Fat Canary, and finally, a stint teaching at the Culinary Institute of Virginia. Michael’s extensive experience and established versatility in the hospitality sector have made him an asset to HHS. 

Michael accepted a position with HHS in June 2023, taking on the role of executive chef. Just a few months later, he was promoted to Corporate Chef for a hospital in Ohio. Michael's swift progression within HHS speaks volumes about his dedication and skill set. He recalls facing initial challenges head-on, emphasizing the importance of teamwork and unwavering commitment to excellence, “I managed to [lead] a fractured team to work together by demonstrating my commitment to excellence. I believe my experience in teaching and working in high-end restaurants helped me win the trust and respect of my associates and clients alike.”

Michael finds joy in working with the people on his team and overcoming daily challenges alongside them. He shared, “The diversity of our team provides an endless amount of talent. The leadership team continues to be an honor to work [on, with] people who care about our people and properties.”

He is driven by a relentless desire to succeed and has goals to one day become a vice president with HHS. The opportunity for growth at HHS is something he particularly cherishes. To his fellow team members looking to also grow their careers and find success, Michael advises, "Know that you are never alone in this company, learn to reach out if you need help." He expressed heartfelt gratitude to his mentors and colleagues for their support, including Chef Marta Hernandez, Chef Peter Tseng, and many others.

Michael is a father to two children who have made him very proud by excelling in their respective fields of work. In his free time, Michael cares for his pitbull named Iris, who happens to have her own internet fanbase. He is fluent in both German and Spanish, is a basketball enthusiast, and a devoted Star Wars fan (evidenced by his snapshot with Chewbacca). 

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