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October 16, 2023

Defining the Gold Standard of EVS in Senior Living: 2022 Coastal Region EVS Team of the year

TOTY St. James PlaceSt. James Place, a senior living facility in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, provides a haven for the elderly, offering comfort, care, and community. In 2021, the environmental services (EVS) team was facing several challenges when Robert Butler began as EVS director that July.

Robert and his team had a lot of work ahead of them to overcome these challenges, but he had a clear vision to accomplish that. With strong management skills from his assistant directors, daily huddles, consistent communication, and an emphasis on the open-door policy, Robert was able to instill a shared vision and focus in his team and begin an upward trend in client satisfaction. 

“Getting everyone moving in the same direction, with the same end goal is the challenge… and I have always accepted that challenge. Once [that is] achieved, the results and performance metrics take care of themselves,” Robert explains.

What truly sets the St. James Place EVS team apart is their undying commitment, both to the residents and to exceeding client expectations. The team is a medley of seasoned veterans with up to 18 years of service, mid-tenured team members, and eager new hires which has been a crucial asset in their success. Robert points out, “Having that mix enables us to collaborate when needed [and the] multiple viewpoints [help us] reach the best possible solutions.” The team also enjoys a strong camaraderie and shares a singular focus, ensuring the well-being of residents.

The team’s consistent dedication and hard work led to a renewed service agreement between St. James Place and HHS. Further testament to their exemplary performance was their recognition as the 2022 HHS EVS Coastal Region Team of the Year. For Robert, it’s important that each team member, from trash techs to those handling critical cleaning, understand the pivotal role they each play in these achievements.

Looking to the future, Robert envisions St. James Place not only maintaining their current level of excellence but also serving as the gold standard and a model for future EVS teams in HHS’ senior living division. This team bonded through overcoming challenges and their story is one of persistence, growth, and a shared commitment to making their residents’ lives brighter.

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