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September 30, 2019

EVS Director Nominated for Systemwide Award

Esther Donez, director of EVS at a hospital in Fort Morgan, Colorado, was nominated for a major award from the hospital system. The LifePoint Mercy Award, named after LifePoint founder Scott Mercy, recognizes individuals who demonstrate his caring spirit and who embody the values that LifePoint was founded upon.

E Donez Mercy Award Photo

Esther was selected from all managers and employees at her facility as the hospital's nominee. In the nomination letter, hospital CEO Kevin Zachary wrote that Esther exemplifies commitment to excellence above and beyond her position, and that she serves as a compassionate caregiver to the hospital’s patients. In addition to Kevin's letter, Esther received nominations from a dozen team members and physicians, as well as a hospital board member. Esther traveled to Nashville where she joined fellow Mercy nominees from every other LifePoint hospital to be celebrated in an award ceremony.

From the nomination letter written by CEO Kevin Zachary:

If you ask Esther, her job is more than just keeping the hospital clean. It is primarily about customer service and showing concern for those in our community. In fact, it is not unusual to find Ester making daily rounds in the patient rooms to ensure that we meet the expectations of our patients (her favorite part of her job, she tells me). However, her customary interactions involve so much more. Esther has been known to play Family Feud with patient family members to ease their worries, to communicate with visitors who struggle with the English language, and even to take the time to reminisce with a dying patient about a life well-lived. 

If it involves people, no task is too insignificant for Esther to perform. A few years ago, an elderly woman became quite ill in one of the hospital's public restrooms. Although family members were present, Esther insisted that they wait in the lobby while she helped clean up the woman in addition to sanitizing and tidying up the lavatory afterward. It is this sense of compassion for those vulnerable individuals that demonstrates the gentle soul of Ester and her willingness to help others in times of need.

Vice President of EVS David Sadera says of Esther’s nomination, “She is a genuine asset to our organization and reflects our HHS values.”

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