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November 12, 2020

EVS Team Member Wins Employee of the Year

brian newton employee of the yearHard work, dedication, and professionalism are consistent attributes in those who succeed. These have defined Brian Newton’s career with HHS since joining the EVS team in 2017 at a hospital in Florida.

Brian made an impact as soon as he began his career with HHS. Working in the operating room department, Brian always shows up at 7:30 am ready to serve. Everyone at the facility enjoys Brian’s positive attitude and appreciates how he goes above and beyond every single day to ensure that everything is done proficiently so that patients and staff remain safe.

Last month, he was surprised to learn that he was not only nominated by the hospital for Employee of the Year but won the award. He’s the first HHS team member to do so at the hospital since their partnership with HHS began in 2013.

When he was presented with the award, he was brought to tears. 2020 has brought with it a lot of uncertainty, but Brian has continued to show up to work with a positive attitude and has remained committed to excellence. He’s met every challenge thrown his way with a determination to overcome and never asks for anything in return.

Winning Employee of the Year is an incredible achievement. We’re so thankful for the hard work that Brian and all of our HHS team members have done throughout 2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic.

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