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October 16, 2023

Grow your Career at HHS: A Housekeeper to Manager How-to Guide

Every team member at HHS is an essential piece of accomplishing our goals, caring for both customers and patients. Your work makes a difference, daily, in the lives of those you serve, no matter what position you hold. 

HHS is passionate about caring for our team members in the same way our team members care for others. We love nothing more than providing opportunities for professional growth and development. There are countless stories of incredible individuals who have been able to realize their dreams and earn promotion after promotion, rising through the ranks at HHS.

Cintia3Cintia Martinez is one of these people. She began her career at HHS as a housekeeper in 2020 and is an example of how hard work, dedication, and ambition can lead one to success.

When Cintia began, she wasn't just dusting surfaces or cleaning rooms. She was absorbing the rhythm and flow of each unit. Every department has its unique challenges and demands, and Cintia quickly grasped the significance of every role. "Floating between units was enlightening," she recalls. "I saw the opportunity to help out wherever I could, to contribute beyond my designated tasks."

Michael Mercier, Vice President of EVS, has mentored and developed many team members over the years to make the leap toMike Mercier 2022 managerial work. When asked what qualities signal to him that a team member has the potential for development at HHS, he said, “Communication skills, attention to detail, professionalism, dependability… but above all, initiative is what separates a good employee from a potential leader." 

This was certainly true in Cintia’s case and her dedication didn't go unnoticed. Within a year of working as a housekeeper, she transitioned to the role of a bed board coordinator. This position was more challenging, requiring her to coordinate team members, handle customer complaints, and ensure the timely service of rooms. 

She didn’t stop there, however. Her toughest challenges came with being a third shift supervisor. Ensuring that everything was in place for the hustle and bustle of the mornings was no small task. She recalls those nights, "I wanted to ensure that the morning staff walked into a facility ready to start their day without [any] hitches."

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Through all her roles, Cintia's motivation remained steadfast – her daughters. "I wanted to show [my daughters] that with hard work and a positive attitude, you can overcome any challenge."

Obstacles were definitely part of her journey from housekeeper to assistant director, particularly when she moved to the second shift, notorious for its staffing issues. But Cintia faced every challenge head-on. "I've always believed in helping," she notes, a sentiment echoed by many of her colleagues who love working alongside her. "It wasn't just about getting to the top. It was about lifting others as I climbed."

To the HHS team members aspiring for greater roles and responsibilities, Cintia's advice is simple but profound, "There's always room to grow. Work hard, persevere, and always be open to learning." She often shares her story with other team members, emphasizing the importance of not giving up even when things get hard.

So, what can you do to signal your readiness for growth? 

Michael Mercier believes in the power of proactive learning. "Ask your leader if you can shadow them, take the lead during team meetings, and communicate your ambitions," he advises. "If you wish to develop leadership skills, you need to take the initiative. Seek mentorship, learn, grow, and most importantly, never lose sight of your goals."

What’s remarkable is that Cintia’s story is not an outlier experience at HHS. If you are reading this right now, wondering if you too can really achieve big dreams and experience a life, full of opportunities, let Cintia’s example and Michael’s advice be an encouragement that you absolutely can! Tomorrow could be the beginning of your own success story.

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