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June 14, 2024

How Alexus Kirkpatrick Found Her Calling at HHS

Untitled design (10)-1Alexus Kirkpatrick’s journey began in a place she never expected. For many years, she managed restaurants, mastering the art of leadership and customer service. But life had other plans. Seeking a change, she decided to start her own business, only to find herself navigating the waves of the pandemic. As if that weren't enough, Alexus faced a personal storm: a divorce and the responsibility of caring for her ex-husband after a severe accident. It was in the midst of these challenges that she encountered HHS.

The hospital became an unlikely setting for a pivotal moment in her life. There, Alexus met Donna, a housekeeper whose exceptional service and kindness left a lasting impression. 

“[My ex-husband] didn’t have any family nearby, so I went to the hospital to take care of him, and that hospital happened to be an HHS location,” shares Alexus. “I was struggling and needed a job immediately. The housekeeper at the hospital, Donna, was very sweet, and her customer service was amazing. She played a bit of a mama role and said, 'Oh, baby, I got a job for you upstairs.'”

Inspired by Donna, Alexus saw an opportunity and applied for a housekeeping position at HHS. Her management background and selfless dedication shone brightly during her interview with Randy Hunter, the director, who saw the embodiment of HHS' values in her. She was hired on the spot.

Alexus’s commitment and skill quickly garnered attention, and within a week and a half, she was offered a supervisor role, which she eagerly embraced. She resonated deeply with HHS' core values, especially its emphasis on diversity, mental health, and quality of work. 

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“I've really fallen in love with HHS. They call me the cheerleader here because I'm definitely somebody who loves the company and what they stand for.”

Her career flourished further when she joined the aviation division. Impressing Vice President Charles Ellis with her passion and dedication, she earned a new role as a station manager, marking the start of her journey in aviation.

"I never thought of aviation as a career path for me. To be honest, I'm spiritual and believe God put me in the right place at the right time. I never imagined myself in EVS, but I actually loved it,” continues Alexus. “I think my management skills speak for themselves, which helped me transition to this department. It's definitely a learning process, and I am still growing, but I love aviation."

Alexus is known for her hands-on approach and dedication to her team. She is deeply involved in daily operations, ensuring she is approachable and accessible to all team members. Her leadership style is characterized by motivation and support, fostering a strong team culture. Alexus is committed to her team members' personal and professional growth, often sharing her experiences and encouraging them to learn and seize new opportunities.

One of Alexus’s proudest achievements at HHS is her team's significant improvement and growth. When she first joined the aviation division, the contract was beginning to develop. Under her leadership, the team built a strong reputation, securing additional contracts and elevating the standard of service. Her team’s trust and openness with her are testaments to her effective and compassionate leadership. In addition to her professional achievements, Alexus has supported and been a huge asset to DEI initiatives, exemplifying her commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Alexus’s story is a powerful example of how personal resilience and alignment with a company’s values can drive professional success. Her journey from a housekeeper to running her own account showcases the opportunities for growth and advancement at HHS. Her dedication to continuous learning and ability to inspire and lead her team has made her an invaluable asset to the company.

Looking to the future, Alexus aspires to move into human resources, specifically within the aviation division. She is committed to ensuring her team members achieve their career goals, reflecting her belief in shared growth and development. Recently, Alexus celebrated purchasing her first home, a milestone she attributes to her success and growth at HHS.

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