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March 16, 2020

Leadership Spotlight: Bill Rose

Bill Rose has worked with HHS for more than 10 years and serves as the president of the resorts division. We sat down with Bill to learn more about what has made him successful with HHS.

What are the biggest challenges we have in being a service provider to the resort industry?

I think our biggest challenge is staffing. Everything starts with our team members because they are the ones that are out there doing the work of providing quality service to our customers. So it’s important that we’re continuing to motivate them. The biggest difference between the resort industry and EVS on the healthcare side of things is the shorter turn-around period that’s required. We have to ensure we have the staffing required to complete checkouts between 11am and 4pm. It can also be difficult to remain fully staffed. When everyone else is on vacation or off of work that is when we’re the busiest. Fridays and Saturdays are big turn days for us, whereas it’s typically not that way in healthcare.

An obvious difference between healthcare and resorts is that people don't usually want to be in the hospital, but they do want to be at a resort. Do you feel added pressure in that environment to make sure expectations are being met?

It’s extremely important what our team members are doing. People are paying a lot of money to come have an amazing experience at a resort. When they show up, they’ve been on the road driving for long distances, dealing with kids that are hungry, and are just ready to get in their rooms. Some of them have even been saving up for a long time in order to be at these resorts. So they’re looking for a great experience and expect to walk into their rooms to find that everything is perfect.

In your words, what does a successful team look like in the resort business?

I’m lucky to have the team that we have, from the assistant directors to the directors, the vice presidents, and all of the leadership. They truly understand what our goals and our mission are. We’re there for the guests, and we’re trying to exceed their expectations day in and day out. Success looks like everyone working together toward a common goal and understanding that we’re helping provide an incredible experience for the guests.

How would your team describe you as a leader?

I would hope that they would describe me as adaptive. I always try to support our team members and help them make good decisions. My goal with anyone I’m leading is to understand what is it they need to be better and continue to coach them to take on positions that could eventually replace me.

Why do you think that we have the edge over our competitors with providing this service to the resort industry?

I think it’s twofold. First, HHS has always understood the importance of establishing a culture of productivity. But we’ve also done a great job of instilling in our team members that they’re doing so much more than just cleaning. They’re providing a service that’s impactful to people.

Everyone that comes in to work understands there’s a mission that they’re doing that day. As long as we continue to have good leaders that we’re developing and investing in, then there’s no reason we can’t outpace our competition.

What are some of the goals that you have as a leader?

I want to continue to grow in whatever capacity that HHS has for me. I’ve been very lucky with HHS and I’ve had a lot of great opportunities. My expectation is that I'm going to continue to grow this division and that I’ll continue to have opportunities presented to me as long as I’m performing. 

HHS has established itself as a brand name in the healthcare industry and I’d like to do the same in the resorts industry. I want everyone to know that HHS is going to always bring exceptional service and have standards that are consistently applied no matter where the resort is. 

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