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August 15, 2022

Making a Difference Using her Culinary Skills: Miranda Anspach Gives Back

During the month of July, HHS celebrated its 47th anniversary by encouraging team members to give back to their communities. As a company that values service to others both on the job and off, this was the perfect way to celebrate 47 years. 

AC0EE6BC-09AD-44AC-BEE8-0D1C08F3959B - Miranda AnspachThroughout the month, HHS team members found creative and interesting ways to give back to their communities. From coaching little league and volunteering at festivals, to organizing blanket drives and working in gardens, HHS team members showed up for their communities in a big way. Patient Services Manager Miranda Anspach used the culinary and dietitian skills that she gained on the job with HHS to serve at a week-long summer camp for children with Type 1 Diabetes. 

Miranda volunteered as a cook and diet aide for the camp. Throughout the week she helped serve a total of 200 people including 100 campers plus a support staff of counselors, doctors, nurses, and pharmacists. 

Miranda was on the team that catered to 45 staff and campers with special dietary restrictions.  Miranda found creative ways to modify the camp's dishes for gluten-free, vegetarian, and other diets while calculating carbs to help campers maintain their blood sugar.

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“Our goal is to provide each kid with the same experience no matter their restrictions. The menu included gluten-free pancakes, gluten-free pulled pork sandwiches, and gluten-free cookies! [Those] became a crowd favorite in no time. We include all staff in our meals and accommodations are provided for them as well. A number of plant-based options have been provided for vegetarian and vegan individuals, which has been very well received and gave them an opportunity to try new things,” Miranda explained.

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While planning meals, the culinary team at the camp had to consider how camp life would affect the campers’ blood sugar levels. “Snacks are important for the campers, with the increased activity their blood sugars run low, which is dangerous. Each snack has a carb and protein,” Miranda shared.

For these children, being able to safely experience camp is a rare opportunity and for the volunteers in the kitchen, it takes a lot of work and planning to meet everyone’s dietary needs. Miranda was clear that “The days are long, but the kids make it so worth it.”

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Congratulations Miranda! HHS is proud of how you exemplify our values and served your community this July.

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