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March 6, 2024

Passion and Purpose in EVS Leads Christina Walsh to an Assistant Director Promotion

Christina WalshChristina Walsh started her career at HHS in November of 2021 as a housekeeper at a hospital. She quickly demonstrated her commitment and dedication to excellence in every task she undertook. Before coming to HHS, Christina spent sixteen years as a program director at a YMCA and also gained experience in commercial cleaning. This laid a solid foundation for her transition into the healthcare sector—a move prompted when her previous position was eliminated during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Christina quickly proved herself and was promoted to the role of assistant director of Environmental Services (EVS) in December 2023. From day one, Christina has embraced the importance of EVS in infection control and patient care. Her passion is evident in her meticulous attention to detail in discharge room preparation and her eagerness to interact with patients and colleagues across departments.

Since Christina has achieved success with HHS, she's motivated to demonstrate the career potential available within EVS to her team members. As a leader, Christina is focused on making a difference in her work environment, showing appreciation to her team, and fostering memorable moments—underscoring her commitment to HHS's values. Christina shared this advice for fellow team members who want to grow in their careers at HHS: “It is important to communicate your needs and wants in an honest and respectful way. I would say it's important to recognize growth opportunities when coaching happens.”

Christina credits much of her success to the mentorship and opportunities provided by leaders like Director Antonio Gore who immediately offered her a platform to prove herself when she transferred to his account. “Antonio learned to trust me and gave me a safe space to grow professionally and personally,” Christina shared.

As she looks to her future, Christina says, “I love working for HHS and the management team under Vice President of EVS Melissa Yusko. It has been phenomenal. I am looking forward to what we can do and [can see] how far we have come; we have made great progress.”

When she isn’t working, Christina is an avid outdoor enthusiast who enjoys hiking and kayaking. Her daughter, who runs her own cleaning business, is a significant part of her life. Her son Stephen, who passed away when he was just eight years old, remains a daily source of inspiration for her as well.

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