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May 12, 2023

Senior Culinary Recruiter and Dedicated Leader Shawn Barrett Retires After Eleven Years with HHS

Shawn Barrett came to HHS in November 2012 after many years in the culinary industry. HHS’ first culinary account had justShawn Barrett launched a year earlier, and Shawn’s knowledge and experience were vital to supporting the burgeoning operation. He spent four years in executive management for HHS culinary before transitioning to a new line of work with HHS: recruiting. 

Shawn retired in April after seven years as an incredibly accomplished run as a Senior Culinary Recruiter with HHS. He averaged 200 hires per year and has been instrumental in the growth and success of the HHS Culinary division. 

Shawn’s colleagues have spoken very highly of him and wanted to recognize his dedication and achievements:

“Shawn [has been] a dedicated leader for HHS and very much a part of the success that the [culinary] division has had over the years. During his time with management recruiting, he was always very dedicated and really sold the vision of the company to new hires. He was a great representative of what HHS stands for and how to support our customers. Shawn did his job with passion and always had high expectations for himself and our team. He wasn't afraid of a challenge and really embraced [challenges]. He brought lots of laughter to the group. Shawn will be greatly missed.” 

Barrett Brashier, Management Recruiting Director

"I am honored to speak of Shawn Barrett, who served as my first vice president and continues to be one of the most outstanding operators I have had the privilege of working with to this day. During my tenure under Shawn's leadership, I experienced an unprecedented level of growth and development, both professionally and personally. In the time I worked for Shawn, I gained more valuable insights and knowledge than I had in my entire history in the food service industry. Shawn's unwavering dedication to his job and his team is unparalleled. His steadfast commitment to excellence and his work ethic have consistently inspired and motivated his team to achieve new heights of success. Shawn's leadership style is characterized by a rare blend of empathy, intelligence, and integrity, which he exemplifies on a daily basis.

It would be difficult to find someone who is as genuinely devoted to their job and their team as Shawn. I am immensely grateful to have had the opportunity to work with him and learn from his example, and I can confidently say that he has made an immeasurable impact on my career." 

Sean O’Neill, Vice President of Sales

"Shawn, as much as any one person within [the culinary division], has left his mark by recruiting and training some of our greatest leaders. Shawn has always possessed a keen eye for talent and a special skill for developing that talent to the fullest potential. HHS and [the culinary division] will be eternally grateful to Shawn Barrett for his commitment, dedication, and love.” 

Keith O’Neill, Founder, HHS Culinary

If it wasn't for [Shawn] Barrett I would not be where I am as a professional in this industry, much less one that can proudly say I've work with HHS for 10 years. He has left a lasting impression here at Baton Rouge General, especially among the more tenured management team and leaders within our departments. Barrett challenged and empowered anyone he encountered to think outside the box and never let quality or consistency waiver. It always blew my mind how even after he left BRG and began traveling with multiple accounts, he always knew my team members' names and would remember the most odd facts about their lives. His attention to detail and ability to coach you to view things differently are one of a kind. He will always be the leader I aspire to be. His passion for our brand and attention to all the little details, or ’finesse points’ as he'd say, have left such a lasting impression on myself and many others. He's one of the best coaches I've ever had. I thank him for believing in me and so many others! We will miss [him]! I hope he's going to be supervised [in retirement, because] no telling what trouble he'll get into with all this free time! 

Seaira Matthewson, Culinary Director, Baton Rouge General Hospital

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