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January 15, 2020

Team Member Provides Life-Saving Support for a Newborn

Milca AugustinIn Wellington, Florida, Housekeeper Milca Augustin was cleaning in the labor and delivery area when an emergency situation arose. She was servicing a room when the newborn baby in the room began choking. The baby’s mother was in the bathroom, and Milca yelled for her to pull the emergency call bell while Milca picked up the baby and started patting it on the back. Help quickly arrived, and the nursing staff was able to clear the baby’s airways. 

The postpartum manager sent an email to Shastri Stuart, the EVS director, thanking Milca for her life-saving support: “Had she not [picked up the baby], the outcome could have been very different. Milca is wonderful every day, and today she saved a baby! We are so thankful for Milca!”

In recognition of her quick action and care, the hospital CEO requested that Milca’s name be submitted for employee of the month, a first for the housekeeping department.

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