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September 9, 2019

Team Member Recognized for Providing Life-Saving Support

Ganeshia SpikesAt a hospital in Macon, Georgia, housekeeping team member Garneshia Spikes was making rounds when she noticed that something didn’t seem right with a patient and took quick action to get help. Garneshia found the unit director who was making rounds and told her that she was concerned about the patient. The director entered the room, found that the patient’s condition was rapidly deteriorating, and called in support. Thanks to Garneshia’s quick thinking, the patient was able to get the care they needed. The unit director sent a letter recognizing Garneshia’s excellent work.

Today while completing my leadership rounds, the EVS tech that’s assigned to my floor informed me that something didn’t look right about the patient that was in 455, immediately I went into the room and noticed emergent changes within the patient’s condition and called a Rapid Response. The patient was immediately moved to ICU. The EVS tech (Garneshia Spikes) took ownership in alerting me that “something didn’t look right” with the patient and because of her actions, we were able to quickly intervene. I would like to send her KUDOS for taking ownership in helping us to save lives!

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