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December 15, 2021

Team Member Success Story: Brian Dukery

B Dukery - Brian DukeryBrian Dukery began his career in environmental services (EVS) as a team member at a hospital in Pennsylvania 34 years ago. When HHS took over the EVS contract in May 2019,  Brian was able to advance his career and accepted the position of assistant director. In October 2021, Brian was promoted to interim director and is now on track to become the permanent EVS director.

Longevity Pays Off

His over 30 years of tenure at the same hospital has allowed Brian to build established relationships, trust, and respect. Brian is confident this will be an asset in establishing a solid partnership between the hospital and HHS. Brian’s loyalty, hard work, extensive experience, and strong internal relationships have all contributed to his incredible success. 

What Keeps Brian Motivated

“My motivation is seeing the success and individual development of my department and team members. By my department and team members succeeding it contributes to my own personal growth and accomplishments.”

Advice for Fellow Team Members

“Treat your team with respect, be honest and consider each team member to be a valuable part of your team. This will help to gain the respect and trust of your team. It will build a team of loyal, committed, and engaged team members that will contribute to the success of the department.”

Brian lives with his family on a small farm in Pennsylvania along with their goats, chickens, ducks, and three dogs, Zeus, Bailey, and Lilly. He is a busy outdoorsman, who enjoys hunting, fishing, and camping. 


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