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September 5, 2019

Team Members Recognized for Caring Attitude

Gerri and KatriceIn Aurora, Colorado, housekeeping team members Gerri Catching and Katrice Harper have made a big impact at their facility after a short time on the job. The nurse manager on Gerri and Katrice’s unit recently sent a letter to the department director acknowledging their quality-driven and team-oriented attitudes.

As I mentioned yesterday, I cannot say enough wonderful things about Gerri and Katrice. In addition to our exceptional improvement in patient experience, their presence on the unit, positivity, and undeniable pride in what they do is inspiring. They are always checking in with me and the staff to identify areas for improvement and to seek clarity as they are still new to our team—this is an example of their commitment and integrity. What really stood out to me as above and beyond is something that I witnessed yesterday…

It was late morning and we were on a roll discharging our freshly transplanted organs from the weekend. As you likely know, we have a very meaningful and symbolic bell that we have all organ recipients ring when they leave as we send them out into the world with their new lease on life. Yesterday when that bell rang, and we all started clapping and walking toward the front of the unit, I was overjoyed to see Gerri and Katrice arrive first to celebrate with the patient and hug both the patient and the family member in celebration. Then about five minutes later, I witnessed the same thing with another patient.

I am so grateful to have stellar housekeepers, but even more grateful to have such wonderful, kind humans as part of our team.

I can’t thank you enough for giving them a chance on this unit.

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