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May 16, 2024

The Essential Work of Laundry and Linen at HHS

At every single hospital, there is a vital team whose daily contributions are felt, if not always seen—the Laundry and Linen Department. HHS recognizes how crucial this work is to both the company’s success and the quality of care provided by medical professionals. These dedicated team members sort, wash, fold, and deliver one of the most essential tools in medical care, in a quiet, hidden portion of the hospital, while the halls and rooms around them teem with energy and noise. 

Laundry Director at Southwest Mississippi Regional Medical Center (SMRMC), Amber Robinson, oversees a team of ten full-time employees. This team is not only responsible for the hygiene and availability of linens across SMRMC but also extends its services to 13 additional clinics and a small, rural hospital an hour away. Amber, who started her journey in hospital environmental services (EVS) with HHS in 2017, has a deep understanding and respect for the meticulous process of linen management.

Laundry and Linen Story 2

“From collecting, drying, and folding to delivering the linens, we handle everything,” Amber explained. “It’s a full cycle, and despite the unseen nature of our work, the comfort and safety it provides are critical to both patient care and staff operations.”

HHS began providing Laundry and Linen services at SMRMC in February 2023. Laundry Tech Lead Jeannette Lang, a veteran ofJeanette award four years at SMRMC, mentioned that the recognition for hard work and the team-oriented atmosphere are what make HHS stand out to her.

The team culture at SMRMC Laundry is markedly relaxed—a deliberate approach cultivated by Amber and her leadership style. “We’re here more than we're at home,” Amber pointed out. “I want everyone to feel comfortable, to come in and be able to joke and laugh, and keep things light.”

This comfort translates into efficiency and camaraderie that has seen the laundry team handle surges in linen needs, like when the hospital’s patient count dramatically increased from 50 to 74 overnight. The team’s ability to adapt and manage these fluctuations without compromising on quality is evidence of their hard work and strategic planning.

Both Amber’s and Jeannette’s leadership is grounded in inclusivity and support. Amber emphasizes a hands-on approach and is always ready to step into any role necessary—from sorting linens to running out for pizza to keep the team fueled. Jeannette, for her part, promotes a unified front, “We pull together. We ain’t gonna get separated; I’m a step in and help you out. We don’t want no complaints at all.”

The way this team rallied around a team member who recently suffered a stroke, ensuring her family had breakfast and helping her manage her medical paperwork, emphasizes the sense of community that saturates the team’s culture.

The team has also been successful in creating seamless collaboration with the customer. This shows in the interactions between the laundry staff and other hospital departments, where mutual respect and cooperation come naturally. “They treat us like we're not contracted. We're just part of the facility, which is nice,” Jeannette remarked.

During National Laundry and Linen Week in April, Amber made sure her team felt appreciated, celebrated, and reminded of just how indispensable they are to HHS, SMRMC, and the patients they serve. 

Team Lunch 2 (1)Cupcakes and Brownies day

HHS recognizes our people are what make us successful. To every Laundry and Linen team member, thank you for your hard work and dedication. You are a vital part of our team!

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