Environmental Services (EVS)

Excellent Patient Satisfaction Outcomes

We apply our extensive experience in acute-care support services and hospitality, drawing on proven principles and team-building methodologies developed by Studer Group.

On average, within the first 12 months of implementing our programs, our acute-care hospital partners can expect to see an HCAHPS Top Box increase of seven percentage points with respect to patient room and bathroom cleanliness. After that, we continue to hone our service delivery for the patients at your facility, steadily improving your Top Box results.

Multi-tiered Infection Prevention Programs

We approach our infection prevention by breaking it down into five components:

  1. Proven systems
  2. Comprehensive training programs
  3. Validation of cleaning effectiveness with leading-edge technology
  4. Effective leadership and collaboration
  5. The best tools for the job

Patient Sitter Program

Patient sitters serve as an optional resource that can eliminate extra workload on clinical staff while improving patient safety. The priority of the patient sitter is to monitor and sit with patients who are a fall risk, suffering from cognitive or behavioral issues, on hospice, or need supervision of some sort.  Our patient sitters complete a comprehensive training program, equipping them with the knowledge needed to successfully de-escalate crisis situations, recognize the signs of cardiac arrest, stroke, and distress, and perform life-saving techniques such as CPR. Our patient sitters also manage patient observation records and are cross-trained on the fundamentals of housekeeping and patient transport to assist in those areas as needed. Our patient sitters ensure that your patients are receiving the highest quality care during their stay, and that your clinical team has more time to focus on their core competencies.

Customized Systems

We know that no two communities are exactly alike, and it is important that each housekeeping program be tailored specifically to the needs of each facility. Using data gathered from our partners, we have developed a master productivity schedule that identifies the time necessary to clean each area—down to the minute. This blueprint is the foundation of a successful housekeeping program.

Professional On-Site Leadership

Our experience has proven that a robust on-site management team positively impacts frontline team members, provides better service for hospital staff, visitors, and patients, and improves your financial performance.

Motivated Frontline Team Members

We provide each team member with the tools for success: industry-leading training and development programs, substantial company resources, and incentive programs ensure that they are motivated and rewarded for excellent work.

Performance Guarantees

We backup all our performance claims by establishing concrete benchmarks and goals for all elements of service.

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