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Hospital Environmental Services (EVS)

With 45 years of experience providing hospital environmental services, we are the expert in the field

Our environmental services experience, coupled with our detailed cleaning processes, allows us to exceed CDC standards while reducing the risk of healthcare-associated infections and cultivating a hygienic, healing environment. With industry-leading EVS training videos, proprietary technology tools, preeminent quality assurance measures, and multi-tiered infection prevention programs, we are able to provide consistent results throughout your hospital. As your partner, we will work to seamlessly become a part of your team and build relationships across departments for increased efficiency, a more positive patient experience, and, ultimately, better cleanliness outcomes.

Each EVS partnership begins with an extensive on-site survey to identify the time necessary to clean each area, and to maximize resources for the best outcomes while doing so at an effective price point. Through this individualized program, we are able to develop concrete key performance indicators and benchmark goals for quality results.

As your hospital environmental services support service partner, we will provide you with:

  • A robust, on-site management team that supports frontline team members and provides exceptional service to the entire hospital team
  • Knowledgeable frontline team members that are well-versed in infection prevention programs, proper cleaning protocols, hospitality-driven, patient-focused communication techniques, and cross-departmental support
  • Comprehensive quality assurance and patient satisfaction programs that measure performance and hold us accountable to our results
  • An extensive regional support network to ensure your on-site EVS team has the resources needed to create a successful program from day one
Patient Sitter Program

Our patient sitter program serves as an optional resource that helps eliminate extra workload on clinical staff while improving patient safety. Our patient sitters complete a comprehensive training program that equips them with the skills needed to successfully de-escalate crisis situations, recognize signs of cardiac arrest, stroke, and distress, and perform life-saving techniques, while also reducing incidents of preventable falls. Through cross-training on the fundamentals of housekeeping, patient sitters are available to assist in multiple areas. This ensures that your patients are receiving the highest level of care, while allowing your clinical team to focus on their core competencies.

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