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Healthcare Technology Management

Enhancing technology and equipment for optimal performance

Our programs are tailored to meet your specific objectives and to bring total transparency to the healthcare technology process. Our efficient solutions cover engineering, consultation, evaluation, operation, and proper disposition for your most valuable medical equipment. By structuring our framework to meet your needs, we are able to maximize the ROI on your capital investments and provide a straightforward process to eliminate complex multi-vendor programs. This structure allows us to proactively inspect, repair, and maintain medical equipment without delay to ensure patient-ready, optimal performance.

Meeting Your Goals with Healthcare Technology Management

HHS’ healthcare technology management program combines all equipment maintenance into a single, comprehensive program that assumes responsibility for all elements, including management of labor and parts. Our solid foundation will allow us to more strategically and comprehensively focus on reducing in-house costs, while enhancing the environment of care.

With HHS as your partner you can expect:

  • Customized, robust reporting on equipment and systems
  • Rapid response to equipment service requests
  • Strategic support for compliance
  • Life-cycle management of equipment
  • Detailed utilization data, in tandem to your existing RFID system, to track and purchase the appropriate amount of equipment for your facility
  • Ongoing training and in-service education programs for clinical and facility staff

Discover how HHS can optimize performance and enhance the environment of care at your facility.

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