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Linen Utilization and Laundry Management

Reducing your linen waste and providing notable cost savings

The overuse and misuse of linen is widespread in the healthcare industry, which is the reason we developed our Linen Utilization and Laundry Management (LUM) program. LUM monitors daily linen usage to reduce waste and to produce significant cost savings.

From monitoring usage and disposal, to properly managing par levels and overall quality, and training clinical staff on best practices, LUM helps safeguard your expenses and establishes a culture of linen awareness across all departments.

Meeting your goals with LUM

The goal of LUM is to pinpoint cost-savings opportunities as well as increase nursing and patient satisfaction by taking ownership of the entire linen process.

By evaluating common strengths and weaknesses, we create solutions to drastically improve your processes and generate immediate results.

With LUM we are able to:

  • Reduce your labor needs
  • Remove expensive, unbudgeted, lost linen charges through daily monitoring of soiled to clean linen variances
  • Find cost-effective substitutes that meet the needs of your facility
  • Increase nursing and patient satisfaction by ensuring linen is always available, used properly, and managed effectively
  • Eliminate unnecessary linen charges by providing a third-party inspector to oversee invoices
  • Improve your conservation efforts
ThreadCount Technology

ThreadCount is our proprietary, cloud-based linen utilization tool that takes the guesswork out of linen management. It does this by providing thorough, detailed data regarding linen usage statistics and environmental impact, including reductions in pounds of linen, gallons of water, and kilowatt hours used to process linen. ThreadCount is proven to save our partners up to seven figures within the first year by reducing unnecessary linen waste.

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