Laundry Management

Our on-site startup engineering process includes a comprehensive review of the laundering needs of your resort or timeshare. We understand that within the hospitality industry attention to detail is essential and having items properly cleaned and cared for is of the utmost importance.

We collaboratively manage relationships with each resort’s on-site or contract linen provider to ensure that our partners are continually receiving the freshest and most hygienically cleaned linens. Through our quality assurance programs, we monitor and thoroughly examine all linen coming into the facility to ensure your guests are consistently receiving the best quality of service.

Industry-Leading Technology

ThreadCount, HHS’ proprietary, cloud-based linen utilization technology, takes the guesswork out of linen management by efficiently measuring the amount of linen a facility uses. This allows managers to access usage information in real time and manage their linen programs more proactively, more effectively, and more sustainably. This helps reduce the pounds of linen, gallons of water, and kilowatt hours of power used to process the resort’s linen. By utilizing ThreadCount technology, our laundry and linen management teams ensure that your linen program is as streamlined and cost-effective as possible.

Environmental Stewardship

We understand that the earth’s resources are a precious commodity and by reducing our environmental impact, we can help make a difference in protecting the resources we have left. Our laundry and linen management program was strategically designed to help our partners increase efficiency and create a more sustainable approach to linen resource utilization. We focus on decreasing unnecessary linen usage, which not only saves our partners from extra expenditures, but also conserves water and energy. This helps us and our partners decrease the waste of environmental resources and reduce our overall carbon footprint.

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