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Laundry Management

Conserve energy, improve sustainability efforts, and receive notable cost-savings

Laundry and linen are valuable commodities, and our program pinpoints opportunities to decrease expenses, while creating a culture of sustained linen awareness. Our laundry management processes allow us to accurately predict and account for the amount of linen needed during peak seasons and the months in between, saving you money and improving efficiency. With HHS, you can guarantee that the management of your laundry services will not only be more cost-effective, but will also reduce your resort’s environmental impact by helping conserve water and energy, and minimizing your overall carbon footprint.

Meeting Your Goals with Laundry Management

The goal of our laundry management services is to pinpoint opportunities to save you money, as well as to reduce your environmental impact by taking ownership over the entire linen process.

We produce solutions to enhance your laundry processes and generate immediate results by:

  • Reducing your labor needs for laundry services
  • Finding cost-effective substitutes that meet the needs of your resort
  • Ensuring linen is used properly and managing linen delivery to eliminate overflow
  • Removing unnecessary linen charges by providing a third-party inspector to oversee invoices
  • Improving your conservation efforts by reducing your water and energy consumption
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