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Laundry and Linen Services

Bringing efficiency and cost savings to your laundry and linen services

Our laundry and linen services starts with a thorough review of the laundering needs of your residents and community. We collaboratively manage relationships with your community’s on-site or contract linen provider to reduce linen waste and decrease expenses, all while ensuring you are continually receiving the freshest, highest quality linens. In cases where personal resident laundry is a priority we will work closely with your team to ensure that a solid recovery process is put in place. Our laundry and linen services are designed to help safeguard your expenses and to establish a culture of linen awareness in your community.

Meeting Your Goals with Laundry and Linen Services

The goal of our laundry and linen services is to pinpoint opportunities to save you money, as well as to increase resident satisfaction by taking ownership over the entire linen process.

We create solutions to improve your processes and generate immediate results by:

  • Reducing your labor needs for laundry services
  • Finding cost-effective substitutes that meet the needs of your community
  • Ensuring linen is used properly and managing linen delivery to eliminate overflow
  • Eliminating unnecessary linen charges by providing a third-party inspector to oversee invoices
  • Improving your conservation efforts
ThreadCount Technology

ThreadCount is our proprietary, cloud-based linen utilization tool that takes the guesswork out of linen management. It does this by providing thorough, detailed data regarding linen usage statistics and environmental impact, including reductions in pounds of linen, gallons of water, and kilowatt hours used to process linen.

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