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3 min Healthcare Oct 12, 2016

HHS Culinary Teams Celebrate Healthcare Food Workers Week

Last week, HHS' culinary directors and chefs across the country set out to celebrate and... Read More
3 min Healthcare Aug 3, 2016

Everything in Healthcare is Interconnected: How EVS Can Help Nurses

In order for a hospital to run smoothly and efficiently, it's critical that every team... Read More
5 min Healthcare Jul 6, 2016

Five Enhanced Benefits of Healthcare Facilities Management Services

Within healthcare, approximately 1/3 of all hospitals have negative operating margins;... Read More
2 min Healthcare Jun 8, 2016

Reducing Hospital Costs through Effective Management of Linen

With the ever-increasing operating costs associated with 21st century healthcare,... Read More
1 min Healthcare May 25, 2016

HHS Named as a "Vendor of the Year" by CHRISTUS Health

We are proud to announce that CHRISTUS Health has named HHS as one of their inaugural... Read More
2 min Healthcare May 11, 2016

In Honor of National Nurses Week, Leslie Carey, RN, FACHE, Reflects on 25 Years of Nursing

National Nurses Week is always a special time for me. It is a time for reflection,... Read More
4 min Healthcare Mar 30, 2016

HHS Culinary Named Among Top 50 Food Management Companies

HHS is pleased to announce that for the third year running, HHS Culinary has been named... Read More
1 min Healthcare Mar 16, 2016

Top 5 Tips for Patient Safety

Every week at each of our partner facilities, our team members and management staff... Read More
6 min Healthcare Feb 17, 2016

Improving the Patient Experience: First-Hand Accounts from the Front Lines

In our last blog post, we shared some of fantastic tips from many of our on-site... Read More
3 min Healthcare May 19, 2015

Support Services: Doing More with Less

Today’s current healthcare delivery landscape demands that hospital support service... Read More
2 min Healthcare Apr 23, 2015

Team Huddles Before Each EVS Shift Can Be Powerhouse Sessions

Starting each housekeeping or Environmental Services shift with a daily team huddle is an... Read More
1 min Healthcare Apr 6, 2015

How EVS Team Members Positively Impact the Patient Experience

One trend in healthcare is a growth in educated patients: the access to information that... Read More