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September 14, 2016

The Importance of Recognizing Great Work: A Discussion about National EVS Week with HHS EVP of Talent Acquisition & Development

“Recognizing team members is the most humbling and rewarding part of being a leader,” says Sheldon Cash, Executive Vice President of Talent Acquisition and Development for HHS. “You get the opportunity to really show you value individual team members' contribution to the entire team, and that you genuinely care about them as a person.”

During National EVS Workers Week, which our teams are celebrating this week (Sept. 11-17), our directors and managers around the country are taking steps to show their teams just how much they are appreciated. They may be holding barbecues and cookouts, organizing contests and playing games, and just sharing gifts and words of appreciation with their team.

"An idea I've always had fun with is to get team members to vote on specific tasks for their manager to perform each day, such as floor tech rounds, cleaning a patient room, or trash rounds," suggests Cash. "People love watching their manager do their least favorite tasks!"

Cash has always had a passion for working with people and enjoys taking opportunities to celebrate his teams. “Some leaders only reward those who go ‘above and beyond,’ but I think that a great recognition program focuses on rewarding all the little things along the way.  And that’s what I’m really going to miss in my new role: being out in the field and recognizing the hard work of our team members,” says Cash. “But I’m hoping to bring more of that into our communications with all of our team members through our monthly training and other programs."

Cash recently left his previous role as Vice President of Operations, overseeing several of HHS’ largest partnerships, where he worked closely with managers and team members in many locations. Now, Cash is working with the HHS Team Member Resources team, developing training programs with the HHSU team, and focusing on the recruitment of talented individuals.

“Before coming to HHS, I worked in human resources for seven years, working in talent acquisition and management development," Cash explains. "Combined with my operational experience with HHS, I feel that my previous experience makes me better able to integrate the talent acquisition and development aspects with the operational groups within the company.”

Cash has big plans for his new role, and is already working on new ways to engage  and develop team members in all areas -- from staff at the HHS headquarters in Austin to regional executives and frontline team members.

“The future stability of our organization is dependent upon the level of talent we bring into the organization, and how we cultivate the talent that we already have; I have a definite passion for developing people and am looking forward to all the opportunities to do so in my new role," he says.

But at the end of the day, Cash says that he still places great importance on the recognition and celebration of team members.

"I encourage all the managers I work with to recognize good work on consistent basis, because those everyday behaviors being repeated ensures exceptional results over a long period of time," he explains. "By celebrating your team, you're ensuring a job well done by a team of happy people."

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