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January 23, 2024

Three Strategies to Build Lasting Partnerships

Contracts are often viewed as temporary fixes, holding things together until the next renegotiation.

At HHS, we believe in a different approach — building partnerships that transcend contracts. 

We do this through our "Three Cs": 

  • Communication

  • Collaboration

  • Commitment

So, how do we weave these elements into the daily fabric of our interactions?

Building Trust Through Open Communication

Trust is built on transparency. We proactively share our long-term vision, project roadmaps, and decision-making processes, ensuring our customers are informed and understand the "why" behind our actions.

  • Daily Check-Ins: Initiate short phone calls or quick emails to offer updates, address concerns, and prevent roadblocks.

  • Weekly 1:1s: Dedicate time each week for in-depth conversations to tackle obstacles, celebrate wins, and optimize performance together.

  • Monthly/Quarterly Reviews: Leverage account condition reports for data-driven discussions on KPIs and course corrections to achieve shared goals.

  • Long-Term Strategy Planning: Engage in annual strategic reviews to adapt to changing needs and guarantee a mutually valuable partnership over the long term.

Developing Collaborative Partnerships

We believe in 'doing together' rather than 'doing for.' We collaborate with our customers to develop and implement initiatives and programs that address needs and are mutually beneficial.

  • Daily Rounds: Facilitate cross-departmental rounds to encourage shared problem-solving and decision-making.

  • Weekly Workshops: Conduct collaborative trainings that leverage diverse viewpoints to generate new ideas, promote understanding, and strengthen the partnership.

  • Monthly Brainstorming: Host idea exchanges to tap into collective expertise and initiate creative solutions for future projects or service enhancements.

  • Long-term Integration: Ensure your long-term goals are aligned and integrated (tracked through reporting and analytics), creating a vested interest in each other's success and fostering a true "team" mentality.

Cultivating Success Through Shared Commitment

We tailor our services to each partnership, recognizing that one-size-fits-all solutions rarely work. This process promotes a sense of shared ownership and responsibility for the partnership’s success, encourages customer input, and reinforces the commitment to achieving shared goals.

  • Daily Dedication: Deliver our promises daily through the quality of our services, clear communication, and consistency. 

  • Weekly Recognition: Celebrate wins, acknowledge achievements, and recognize individuals and teams who go the extra mile to foster a culture of respect and collaboration.

  • Monthly Evaluation: Review performance metrics together, identify areas for improvement, and hold each other accountable for commitments made, opening the door for continuous improvement.

  • Long-term Investment: Invest in joint training, knowledge exchange, and innovation to cultivate a vested interest in the partnership's future success.

By hardwiring the “Three Cs”  into our daily interactions, we create a blueprint for lasting partnerships built on trust, joint problem-solving, and shared wins. 

HHS’ contract agreements aren’t about temporary fixes; they’re about creating solutions and building partnerships that exceed expectations while enhancing service delivery and quality.


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