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About Derek Kissos

Derek Kissos is HHS’ Chief Growth Officer. He is responsible for setting the organization’s overall go-to-market strategy and building a foundation for long-term sustainable growth. In this role, he views himself as an internal integrator charged with fostering transparency and corporate alignment that leads to company-wide expansion. Before joining HHS in 2020 as the senior vice president of strategic growth, Kissos held positions in advisory, business development, and strategy roles for large, publically traded organizations. He also served in the United States Army, most recently in the Executive Strategy Group for the Chief of Staff, Army in the Pentagon, and deploying in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

5 min Leadership Mar 27, 2024

Building Your Best Self: Why a Strong Foundation Makes You a Growth Leader

As the Chief Growth Officer and Chief of Staff at HHS, I understand leadership's constant... Read More
3 min Healthcare Feb 13, 2024

Beyond Bland: Reimagining Hospital Food in the Age of Elevated Experiences

For decades, hospital food has languished under the weight of its reputation: bland,... Read More
4 min Jan 23, 2024

Three Strategies to Build Lasting Partnerships

Contracts are often viewed as temporary fixes, holding things together until the next... Read More
3 min Leadership Dec 5, 2023

Four Ways HHS Builds Trust Through Transparency

In facility support services, where every interaction and transaction lays the foundation... Read More
4 min Nov 21, 2023

From Operations to Sales: How Operational Insights Fuel Trusted Partnerships at HHS

Simply providing services is not enough in the competitive facility support services... Read More
3 min Leadership Nov 14, 2023

Elevating Service Through Diversity: HHS’ Impactful Collaboration with Warrior Outdoor

HHS leverages the power of diverse partnerships to enhance the quality of our services... Read More
3 min Leadership Nov 7, 2023

Building Lasting Partnerships: How HHS Prioritizes People in Business

In facility support services, it's easy to become consumed by the intricacies of... Read More
8 min Leadership Feb 3, 2021

Organizational Growth: Four Concepts that Drive Long-Term Success

Shortly after becoming HHS’ Chief Growth Officer (CGO), I sat down to plan out my goals... Read More
5 min Leadership Sep 30, 2020

What Are the Benefits of Outsourcing Support Services?

No matter what industry you’re in, success in a post-COVID world will depend on if your... Read More