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January 10, 2024

Director Robert Parker Brings Wealth of Floor-care Knowledge to His Role at HHS

20230921_162326 - Robert ParkerRobert Parker stands out amongst others as an example of growth, dedication, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. Robert's journey with HHS, beginning in July 2023, is one of rapid progression, underpinned by rich experience and an unwavering ambition to reach the top.

Embarking on a New Chapter with HHS

Robert’s career trajectory took a significant turn in July 2023 when he joined HHS as an Assistant Director. His background, deeply rooted in the janitorial and sanitation (Jan-San) industry, provided a solid foundation for his role at HHS. 

Specializing in unique floor coatings and having been a manufacturer's representative for various chemical companies, Robert brought a wealth of expertise in concrete, marble, and terrazzo polishing. This extensive experience was further enriched by his tenure in owning and running his own clearing companies as well as work as a cleaning consultant. He also holds several certifications in the Jan-San industry.

A Rapid Ascent

The speed of Robert’s ascent within HHS is a testament to his knowledge and skill set. Within a mere two months, he transitioned from Assistant Director to Acting Director and was then officially promoted to Director in the third week of September 2023. This rapid rise is a testament to his leadership qualities, the quality of his work, and the potential that his managers recognized in him.

More Than Just a Job

For Robert, his role at HHS is more than just a job; it's a platform for proactive problem-solving, an aspect of the director role that he enjoys most. He thrives on anticipating and addressing challenges before they even arise, showcasing his forward-thinking approach. This proactive mindset is not just about solving problems but also about seizing opportunities to learn and grow, and in turn, share his knowledge and experience with his team.

Though Robert excels at proactive problem-solving, he has encountered one challenge that no one saw coming. “Working at a hospital keeps a person from ever getting bored. My favorite [incident] so far [was when] a patient entered the ER yelling that his eyes and nose were burning. The patient smelled horrible. Turns out he saw what he thought was a cat, picked it up, placed it in his lap, and started petting it. [It was] a skunk. The skunk sprayed his face and body. The patient was fine but it took three terminal cleanings to get the smell out of the exam room!”

Advice to Fellow Team Members

Robert’s advice to his fellow team members is simple yet profound: "Strive to be the best that you can be. And then be more." This mantra reflects his career ethos and is a guiding principle in his everyday life.

Outside of the hospital, Robert is a family man, married for nine and a half years, with two sons, two grandchildren, and another on the way. He also makes time for his dogs; an Alaskan Malamute named Shazam and a mutt named Toby.

Robert’s journey is a great example for others, that with dedication, skill, and the right attitude, the path to success is an inevitability. As Robert himself states, he thoroughly enjoys his position but is “definitely aiming higher,” embodying the spirit of continuous growth and ambition that HHS champions.

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