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March 12, 2020

EVS Team Praised for Hospital Cleanliness

20200311_091037In Indianola, Mississippi, Environmental Services Director Jamal Jacobs and his team were recently praised for their efforts to keep the hospital clean and in top condition. A traveling life support instructor who visits a number of facilities on a regular basis noticed that this hospital stood above the rest in terms of cleanliness. On his most recent visit to the hospital, he stopped the COO to let her know just how impressed he was with the cleaning. The COO followed up the encounter by sending an email to Jamal to share the praise:

Jamal, I wanted to share a compliment I received today regarding the hospital. Lamar, our ACLS instructor, stopped me in the hall today to brag on how good our hospital looks compared to other hospitals he teaches at.  Lamar stated we had it going on and [shared] how important first impressions are. Lamar commented on the floors and how they shined and that this was a reflection of the overall shape of the hospital.

I want to thank you, and please keep up the great work. Let your staff know how good they are doing and how proud we are to have them working with us. Please make sure they know how important they are to us and our patients.

Jamal says that his team embodies the values of HHS and that they take pride in making sure standards are at a high level.

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