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March 12, 2021

HHS Chef Auctions a Night of Fine Dining at Home

“My professional dreams have been to be able to combine my love of Chef Dork on the Setcooking and the joy of sharing with those who need nutritious meals the very most in a healthcare setting. 

The company I work for, HHS, has afforded me that dream by not only employing me, but also, moving me across the country, almost 4 years ago, to live in a beautiful city I have loved for many years, and, very thankfully, Havasu Regional Medical Center has graciously permitted me to stay and work on my dream daily.”

Trula Hepner, Chef and CNS Director at partner facility Havasu Regional Medical Center, has gone above and beyond as a representative for HHS and has volunteered her time to a fundraiser benefiting the Mohave Community College Foundation. The MCCF is a non-profit organization that provides financial support to Mohave Community College.

Hepner has created a series of instructional cooking videos, with recipes ranging from bellini’s all the way to steak au poivre. In addition, she’s graciously offered her services to the MCC Auction, where one lucky winner will receive a night of fine dining in the comfort of their own home, courtesy of Trula and her team.


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