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August 11, 2023

Team Member Brenda Cashaw is a Bright Spot in HHS Aviation

Brenda CashawBrenda Cashaw always has a smile on her face as she begins her day at Dallas-Fort Worth Airport. As a cabin cleaner for HHS’ Aviation Division, Brenda takes her role beyond simply cleaning. For her, it’s an act of service she performs with warmth and a deep love for people. 

Brenda spent 18 years in administration before taking significant time off to recover from an illness. When she was ready to come back to the workforce, she landed her current job with HHS, where she has since found belonging and a sense of purpose. "I love the people. They're considerate of me. I've never been around people so kind. This job has really enhanced my life," Brenda shared. 

Her enthusiasm and desire to do excellent work are consistently noticed by those around her. A typical day for Brenda involves cleaning the front galley of the airplanes. Though she initially found it challenging and a bit slow, her perseverance turned it into an opportunity for excellence. The crew is often impressed, exclaiming, "This galley has never been this clean before!" Brenda's outstanding service has also been acknowledged by Delta multiple times, not just for her meticulous cleaning but also for her contagious 6 straight cabin cleaning audits

What makes Brenda truly stand out is the way she interacts with colleagues and crews. Her director, David Beavers, noted, "She's got a bubbly, bright personality while she's working, and that's recognized. The pilots and flight attendants will send messages back and call her out by name. When she comes in, the room brightens up. When Brenda's around, everybody's happy. I’ve told her this before, but I wish I had 20 of her!" Brenda cheerfully replies, “I mean, I just love my job. I want to do the best that I'm capable of doing.”

It's not just her colleagues and flight crews who are inspired by Brenda; her story also serves as a beautiful example for her family. With three grandchildren and two great-granddaughters, Brenda's dreams for the future center around her family. She longs to spend more time with them, building a relationship that will leave an enduring legacy of love, hard work, and the joy of living fully.

When asked what makes her the most proud, Brenda answers, “I'm proud of myself because when I got very ill, it made me stronger. I appreciate the downfalls in my life and the things I went through physically because it made me strong mentally and physically.  And I want to challenge myself. I don’t want to get too comfortable with anything. I want to be able to see how far I can go!” 

Brenda's impact at HHS isn't merely about the cleanliness of a cabin or the efficiency of her work; it’s about the human connections she fosters and the joy she brings to her team. At 72, Brenda proves that age is just a number and that a positive attitude and enthusiasm can transform the most ordinary task into something extraordinary.

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