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February 14, 2023

Aviation Division Lands in the Team of the Year Top Spot

Each year HHS selects a Team of the Year to recognize for exemplifying HHS’ core values. Teams are evaluated based on achievements in quality, service, team member and customer satisfaction, leadership, safety, and all-around success.

In 2022, there was one team that stood out among the rest. While the HHS Aviation Division is the newest team among HHS’ service offerings, their success in a short time has been unmatched. This is the first time that a team outside of the Healthcare Division has been named Team of the Year, making the accomplishment even more noteworthy.


A Big Achievement in a Short Time

Brett Mannion joined HHS in 2020 to spearhead the organization’s efforts to provide services for the aviation industry. Since then, he has secured an experienced leadership team and built strong relationships throughout the industry. His team has launched multiple accounts across the country to provide cabin cleaning, airport wayfinding, baggage delivery, and wheelchair services. 

The division saw incredible growth across all locations in 2022, the most significant being the launch of aircraft cleaning for Delta Air Lines at the Dallas Fort Worth Airport. With the introduction of about 80 team members plus theTOTY DFW on-site leadership team, the team cleans approximately 33 scheduled flights per day, plus multiple charters for professional sports teams.

But that wasn’t the only accomplishment for the division this year: The wheelchair services team in Dayton, Ohio handled approximately 7,400 passengers in 2022, and in Charlotte, North Carolina, the team grew by about 30 additional team members to provide additional wayfinding and baggage assistance as the terminal undergoes a large construction project.

The teams at all locations receive consistently positive feedback about their services and individual team members. The team at DFW receives a monthly scorecard for their aircraft cleaning services. Since the team came online in May 2022, they achieved a 4.52 score (out of 5.00), making them one of the top-performing aircraft cleaning locations in Delta’s West Region.

Despite the continued success, the team had some obstacles to overcome. “Like everyone, we experienced some challenges with recruiting and retention,” shares Brett. “However, we were able to successfully launch the DFW operation and recruit and hire over 80 new team members while also maintaining staffing at our other locations.” 

What they’re doing seems to be working—the team closed out the year with a 90% team member satisfaction rate across the division.

After a year of success, Brett is ready for more: “We are working on several opportunities that will expand the number of locations that we operate and the types of services that we offer to our customers. We have built very strong relationships with our customers, and we expect these relationships to drive growth in 2023.”

Celebrating the Win

In January, HHS CEO Bobby Floyd flew to the Dallas Fort Worth Airport—which was named the team of the year for the Aviation Division—to recognize the team on the ground for their achievement. Team members gathered around tables in the breakroom waiting for the big announcement that they knew was soon to come. The excitement built as Bobby and Brett, along with HHS Aviation Vice President Charles Ellis, and Delta Global Cleanliness Coordinator Reyna Hamilton, took their spot at the front of the room. Smiles broke out across the faces in the room, and several people took out their phones to capture the important moment.

Brett acknowledged how much the team has accomplished in such a short period of time: “We’ve only been here since early May, but you guys have done an amazing job of working together as a team and performing amazingly well for our customers.” 

TOTY DFW 2“Every year we determine a team we’d like to celebrate, honor, and acknowledge to say thank you,” shared Bobby. “Each division president makes a recommendation for a team they’d like to celebrate that’s gone above and beyond and is worth acknowledging. We looked at over 600 locations that we have worldwide and this group has been selected to be honored. I’m really happy to be here today and proud to be part of the same team as you and wanted to say thank you.”

The team clapped and cheered, proud of what they had accomplished in such a short period of time. Nearly every individual in the room got in line to snap a photo of themselves holding the plaque and standing with Bobby and Brett. 

“I tell you guys every day—on behalf of Delta, thank you, for representing the brand the way that you do,” shared Reyna. “We made the right decision when we brought HHS on board with us. I want to thank you not just for the great job that you do but for your personality, your customer service—I’ve seen you opening doors for passengers and saying ‘Hello’ or ‘Welcome.’ That means the world to us. Thank you on behalf of Delta and HHS. Just keep climbing, like Delta would say.”

The team enjoyed Jimmy John’s sandwiches and a celebratory cake as they mixed and mingled. Team members thanked and praised each other for their hard work and support. It was clear to see why this team won such a significant award, and it was truly a special moment and an event to remember for all. 

“I can’t thank you guys enough,” said David Beavers, HHS’ Station Manager for DFW. “We always talk about safety and integrity—it’s not one, but it’s all. We finished up 2022 strong, and the sky’s the limit! We’re here to grow.”

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