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January 12, 2024

Announcing the 2023 HHS Teams of the Year

HHS is excited to recognize our very deserving 2023 Division Teams of the Year along with the 2023 Overall Team of the Year!


HHS Team of the Year: Bon Secours Mercy Health Startups Team

In 2023, as HHS launched a new partnership with Bon Secours Mercy Health, the startup team facilitated the seamless transition of 33 hospitals, encompassing four critical divisions—Environmental Services (EVS), Culinary, Linen, and Patient Transport. This extensive process involved the integration of over 2700 associates and 260 managers. It was a huge undertaking requiring focus, dedication, persistence, and a lot of hard work from the entire team. The transition process not only met but exceeded expectations, demonstrating the team's exceptional performance and commitment to excellence.

Resorts: Beachwoods Condominium Association Team

Led by Director Michelle Martello, the Beachwoods Condominium Association team soared to new heights in 2023. Their efforts led to outstanding scores in the Hilton rating system, the best within the Resort division. The team exceeded budget expectations while solidifying client relationships and improving staff retention, showcasing their dedication to excellence and team synergy.

Aviation: Dallas Ft Worth International Airport Team

Directed by David Beavers, the 2022 Overall Team of the Year continued their streak of exceptional performance throughout 2023. President of Aviation, Brett Mannion, noted their incredible work ethic and team spirit. Team members have formed a close-knit community and truly enjoy coming into work every day. Supportive leadership and team member engagement, excitement, and collaborative efforts have made them a model team within the industry.

Laundry: Health Systems Cooperative Laundries

2024 saw Director Lawrence Hilton lead his team to a series of impressive accomplishments. They seamlessly managed a $3M capital replacement project, reduced employee turnover by 15%, exceeded financial performance by $1,000,000, and successfully navigated multiple operational challenges. Their continued adoption of LEAN initiatives and training significantly benefited their operations.

Transport: Christus Spohn Hospital Corpus Christi - Shoreline

Transport Director Dominick Powell's Patient Flow team at Shoreline has set the tone of excellence since HHS began the partnership in May 2023. Prior to HHS' arrival, the transport department had a staff retention rate of less than 60% and team satisfaction scores below 70%. Thanks to Dominick's leadership, team member satisfaction scores have increased to 89.63%, and retention rates have grown to 96.26% while improving the overall quality and maintaining over 180 injury-free days since the start of the partnership. Operationally, the department has seen a 27% reduction in transport delay times and a 25% reduction in canceled transports due to reduced nursing wait times. In October 2023, the team was awarded "The Sunshine Award" for their exceptional performance. This award acknowledges hospital departments that provide outstanding patient care and are recognized frequently by both patients and nursing staff alike. It is a testament to their dedication and commitment to delivering exceptional patient care.

Education: Cuyahoga Community College

The Education Division Team of the Year goes to Cuyahoga Community College, led by Director Rick Capirano and Assistant Director Nichole Day. This team of 60 team members managed over 2.6M sqft across 10 campuses in Cleveland, Ohio. Their dedication to janitorial services was unmatched, earning them client accolades and a contract extension through June 2025 for their exceptional performance in quality, safety, and efficiency.

Culinary: Baton Rouge General

Directed by Joe Voiselle, the Baton Rouge General team brings home the Culinary Team of the Year title again. They stood out for their forward-thinking approach in food production and program implementation. This, combined with a client who champions health and wellness, made them a pillar in the state of Louisiana. Their innovative strategies and community involvement set them apart as leaders in culinary excellence.

Post-Acute Care: Coastal Team

Under the dynamic leadership of Vice President of Post-Acute Care Vince Bartges, FNS Market Manager Brett Emanuel, and EVS Market Manager Matthew Williams, the Coastal Team achieved remarkable success in 2023. They opened 14 new locations with 28 PCs, staying well within budget and far ahead of schedule. Their strategic planning and effective execution marked a year of significant expansion and operational efficiency.

Each of these teams demonstrated outstanding commitment, innovation, and teamwork, mirroring the achievements and spirit of the 2022 HHS Teams of the Year. Their accomplishments not only reflect their individual strengths but also embody the overarching values and mission of HHS. Congratulations to all the division teams for setting new benchmarks of excellence in 2023!

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