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February 17, 2023

Introducing the EVS Diamond Awards

Every year, the HHS Environmental Services (EVS) Division recognizes outstanding leaders from the EVS, Linen Utilization Management (LUM), and Patient Transport service lines. This year, the Diamond Award was created to commemorate the achievements of these top-performing leaders. 

The name of the award was chosen to pay homage to HHS’ roots as Hospital Housekeeping Systems and an early logo design that included three diamonds. The 12 director-level and four vice president-level winners were selected based on operational excellence and customer satisfaction. Each winner received a financial bonus, a trophy, and a celebratory dinner with their leadership team.. Congratulations to all the 2022 Diamond Award Winners!

Richard Burnette, Executive Director, EVS

Richard Burnette

“Richard is a phenomenal leader with a proven track record of being a successful EVS director. Richard is committed to the values of HHS, his team, and his customers.” 

Leroy Adams, Executive Vice President, EVS

William Crowell, Vice President, EVS

William Crowell

“William's commitment to providing excellent service to each client, facility, HHS team member, and HHS leader was amazing this year. He was able to provide quality and happy partnerships in a very challenging market. Through his hard work and dedication each day in 2022, he showed success is not reached in a single leap but in a series of determined steps.”

Kendra Johnson, Executive Vice President, EVS

Becky Duis, Director, EVS

Becky Duis

“Becky Duis received the Diamond Award because of her commitment to HHS and dedication to her team and her hospital. She is a servant leader and leads by example. She always has time to explain a process or show how something needs to be done. She is the de facto leader in a market of five hospitals in the Northwest Arkansas Medical Center System. She provides advice and guidance for some of the younger or newer leaders of the other facilities. She will share her team as needed to help support her market and any request that I may have to assist in other regional hospitals if needed. She is just a great team player!”

Bruce Teter, Executive Vice President, EVS

Charles Elim, Director, EVS 

Charles Elim

“Charles Elim was promoted from an AD to director in 2022, where he moved to Dublin, Georgia to manage a difficult account. Charles has been able to win over the C-suite and team members with his leadership and hands-on approach. Charles has exceeded expectations and moved his KPIs above the expected target goals! He won the award because of his leadership, attitude, and his big heart for people.”

Greg Crandell, Executive Vice President, EVS

Kadero Ellison, Director, EVS

Kadero Ellison

“[Kadero] had great HCAHPS improvement during a staffing challenge. He consistently met our goal of the 50th percentile. Kadero also has done a great job of staffing his building. He had a large gap in staffing and has worked hard to get to 100%.”

Terrance Newson, Executive Vice President, EVS

Kathryne Giovannini, Vice President, EVS 

Kathryne Giovannini

“Kathryne’s strength of her successful year is rooted in the depth of her passion. She strives for excellence each and every day with a smile. Kathryne overcame every challenge thrown her way and was able to turn each challenge into a success story.  Kudos to her successful year in 2022!”

Kendra Johnson, Executive Vice President, EVS

BreAnn Klages, Linen Utilization Manager

BreAnn Klages

“BreAnn's ability to connect with her customers to facilitate change is second to none. She has played an integral part in the growth and success of dozens of her colleagues and continues to guide, mentor, and support people throughout the division. She can step into any building or situation and immediately makes a positive impact.”

Phillip Houck, Executive Vice President, Linen and Laundry/Patient Flow

Joshua Lindsey, Director, EVS 

Joshua Lindsey

“Josh Lindsey is one of the most assertive leaders within the Southern Group. Josh shows compassion for his team, customers, and the patients he serves every day. “

Leroy Adams, Executive Vice President, EVS

Sylvia Norton, Director, EVS

Sylvia Norton

“Sylvia won the award because of her excellent work within the capital group. She was instrumental with the new Piedmont MSA, due to her work performance at Piedmont Macon. Sylvia has set the #1 work environment within the southeast!”

Greg Crandell, Executive Vice President, EVS

Tracey Travis, Director, EVS

Tracey Travis

“Tracey was selected because of her strong ability to navigate through challenging situations. She [dealt with] one of the largest staffing gaps in her peer group but has consistently maintained high-quality cleaning, patient experience scores, and customer service.”

Terrance Newson, Executive Vice President, EVS

Erva Trotter, Director, EVS

2022_Erva Trotter-1

“Erva was selected for his ability to foster relationships with our clients, drive excellent operational outcomes, build highly motivated teams, and mentor future leaders of our organization for success. He is a large part of why the UCHealth team was recognized as the EVS Team of the Year.”

Scott Rafinski, Executive Vice President, EVS

Scott Webb, Director, Patient Transport 

Scott Webb Profile Picture

“Scott’s level of dedication doesn’t just apply to his craft but applies to all of his team members, community, and HHS as an organization. Team members know that they can count on him to support them in their goals and opportunities within HHS and life.”

Phillip Houck, Executive Vice President, Linen and Laundry/Patient Flow

Shay Wesley, Director, EVS

2022_Shay Wesley

“In 2022, Shay set the bar high for success. She was placed in a challenging environment where we were going through the request for proposal process for EVS services, all while being a very new director of the hospital facility. Shay was able to stabilize operations, repair the relationship with the administration team, and build great team morale within a short amount of time. This resulted in HHS signing a five-year agreement and obtaining additional business within the hospital. She is an inspiration to all and we congratulate her on a successful 2022!”

Kendra Johnson, Executive Vice President, EVS

Larry Yeager, Vice President, EVS

Larry Yeager 2019

“Larry Yeager, a.k.a the 'Texas Tornado,' is a phenomenal leader. Larry is committed to the success of his team. Larry exemplifies what true leadership is.”

Leroy Adams, Executive Vice President, EVS

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