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April 30, 2024

Leading with Purpose: The Story of Willie Nash

Willie Nash 2022 - Photo - Willie Nash (1)Willie Nash's journey from managing artists in the entertainment industry to becoming a leader in environmental services (EVS) at HHS is a testament to his passion for and pursuit of a career that makes a meaningful impact. As the newly appointed Executive Vice President of Healthcare for the Western Division, Willie's story is one of growth and commitment to improving patient outcomes.

Willie's career at HHS began in June 2014 when he joined the company as an assistant director. His decision to transition from entertainment to healthcare was influenced by the loss of his father due to a healthcare-associated infection (HAI), fueling his passion for patient safety and quality care. Through researching HAIs and prevention methods, Willie discovered environmental services and HHS, with his father's memory serving as his driving force.

Quickly demonstrating leadership abilities, Willie was promoted to EVS director at Northwest Medical Center within a year and a half. His progression within HHS continued as he led multiple EVS teams to success. Willie received promotion after promotion, eventually becoming a Vice President of EVS in 2021.

This promotion underscored his dedication, growth, and impact within the organization. However, Willie's journey didn't stop there. In March of 2024, Willie achieved a milestone moment in his career by being appointed as Executive Vice President of EVS for the Western Division, a testament to his leadership abilities and his capacity to drive strategic initiatives effectively. 

Willie's genuine passion for making a tangible difference in healthcare sets him apart as an EVS leader. He emphasizes the critical importance of his teams’ work, stating, “What we do is critically important and directly impacts lives. By creating a safe and healing environment for our patients, we play a vital role in their recovery and overall well-being.” His dedication captures the essence of compassionate healthcare service, motivating those around him to aim for that same level of care and compassion.
Finding fulfillment in collaborating with talented teams and implementing innovative solutions, Willie drives positive change within healthcare organizations. He expresses, “The sense of purpose and impact derived from our work motivates me every day.” Understanding the contributions EVS can make to patients’ well-being fuels his commitment to continuous improvement and innovation within the healthcare sector.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Willie's personal life reflects his values of family and community. He finds balance by spending quality time with his wife, Simone, three children, Antone, Preston, and Abbigail, and their family dog, Aspen.

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