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January 29, 2024

Patient Transporter Brenden “BMW” Wood Provides Luxury Transport Experience for all His Patients

Brenden Wood Rose AwardBrenden Wood’s heartfelt dedication and desire to help others have helped him find purpose and excel in his role at Bon Secours Maryview Medical Center in Plymouth, Virginia. The team calls Brenden by his nickname, “BMW,” which is not only his initials, but also the perfect moniker to describe his priorities as a patient transporter. 

Nearly three years ago, through Maryview’s partnership with Project SEARCH, Brenden joined the team at Maryview, propelled by a life-altering event — the loss of his mother in 2020. This personal tragedy ignited a desire for change, steering him towards a role that resonated with his lifelong passion for helping others. 

Brenden, diagnosed with Autism and ADHD during his childhood, found fulfillment in finding ways to help other kids with disabilities growing up. "I picked this job because I get to help people," he shared, and then recalled, "[When I was diagnosed], I learned everything about myself and I learned that I wasn't the only one. I learned about some different [kids], some that can talk and some that don't. That’s how [I knew] I wanted to help people."

From day one, Brenden's commitment to his role was evident. His main priority: ensuring the safety and comfort of every patient under his care. Whether it's maneuvering through the corridors of the hospital with his patients or handling the necessary paperwork, Brenden's approach is always patient-centric. His ability to create meaningful connections with patients is not just a skill but a gift, making him a standout member of the transport team.

Patient Transport Director Benjamin Messenger has repeatedly witnessed Brenden’s exceptional interpersonal skills. “He is kind and courteous and always makes sure the patient is safe,” Benjamin notes. Brenden's attention to detail, like ensuring a patient has a blanket or engaging them in conversations about everyday topics brings them comfort and puts them at ease during an otherwise stressful time. In addition to his diligence in transporting patients, Brenden is also known for being proactive, noticing tasks that need to be completed, and jumping in to help. 

Brenden’s dedication to his team and patients has been recognized by the hospital as well. He was recently the recipient of a Rose Award, a monthly recognition celebrating the unsung heroes among non-nursing associates at Maryview. It was his quick thinking and compassionate response in assisting distressed patients during two separate instances that caught the attention of hospital leaders. This accolade underscores his status as an invaluable asset to the team, consistently doing the right thing.

Brenden is valued by his team and leaders alike, not just because of the excellent work he does, but because of the person he is. Brenden and his team share a warm camaraderie and enjoy chatting about everything from movies to Taco Bell Baja Blast. 

When he isn’t working, Brenden enjoys a very full personal life  — playing video games, taking naps after his long shifts, and spending quality time with his girlfriend, whom he met during their tenure as Project SEARCH interns. He is also a big movie buff, readily offering up a movie reference or two. 

Brenden’s story is more than just a tale of an employee doing his job. It's a narrative about the power of human connection. In the halls of Maryview Medical Center, Brenden Wood, or “BMW”, is not just a transporter; he is a guardian to his patients and a cherished member of a team that values him as much as he values those he serves.

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