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July 17, 2020

Success Story: Anthony Wyman

Anthony Wyman-Assistant Director of EVSAnthony Wyman is a 45-year-old former United States Navy Boatswain Mate who prides himself on being stronger, faster, and having more endurance than most men half his age. This comes from his experience in the Navy, where he also served as a search and rescue swimmer, a certified strength and conditioning coach, and a tactical strength and conditioning facilitator. 

He began working with HHS in September 2019 as a floor tech and quickly proved himself to be an effective leader. Just seven months after joining HHS, he was promoted to Assistant Director. He maintains an active lifestyle and he draws from his years of experience in the Navy as he leads his team.

He has a wife of 24 years and an 11-year-old daughter who, just like her dad, loves to swim. As you may have guessed, their family hobby is being active in any way possible, including swimming, running, hiking, and lifting weights.

“I have had an incredibly positive experience at HHS. The effort, training, and resources put into developing future leaders is extraordinary.”

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