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February 9, 2021

Team Member Success Story: Jacob Mondragon

Jacob Mondragon has over 13 years of experience in healthcare EVS and has worked almost every shift and position imaginable from housekeeper to floorcare and trash tech. 

When he joined HHS in 2018, he started as an EVS director at our partner facility in Waycross, Georgia. There he created strong relationships and cultivated a successful partnership with the hospital. He even brought his rap skills to the table with fun training videos for his team at the facility. 

His joy and love for the job were noticed and Jacob was promoted to vice president of the Georgia and South Atlantic division in January of this year. 

27D96A40-99A0-49C4-96BE-40E0EE99DD35 - Jacob Mondragon“HHS has been the best company I’ve worked for by far. A company is only as good as the people that make up the company. We have the best people from the top down. My leadership has been supportive, encouraging, and has pushed me to succeed. HHS has allowed me to earn a stable and wonderful career opportunity, and for that, I am grateful and loyal.”

Jacob owes his success to his amazing leaders and mentors Greg Crandell, Boyd Schultz, and Jerrod Tallo. He also appreciates Vince Barges for hiring him to work for HHS and Jonathan Beveridge for giving him confidence in his role. 

Jacob is married and has two daughters and two cats. When he isn’t traveling around visiting accounts, he enjoys playing guitar and working out.


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