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September 16, 2021

Success Story: MyUnique Collins

For the past eight years, HHS has been where MyUnique Collins’s career has shaped itself intoMyUnique Collins something bigger than she ever imagined. Starting as a housekeeper in the emergency department, MyUnique was constantly recognized by patients for going the extra mile. Her director, Dewayne Kirksey, made note as he continuously watched MyUnique excel at her job. 

“Anytime I had an inspection, I was getting recognized, especially for my floors,” says MyUnique. After three years as a housekeeper, MyUnique wanted something more and started looking for other opportunities outside of HHS. But Dewayne quickly intervened and spoke to her about growing with HHS instead. “I didn’t know what I wanted to do, but one of my assistant directors at the time encouraged me by saying ‘make a career out of this!’ and I thought, ‘okay, I’m in!’” 

That’s when MyUnique accepted the administrative assistant position. It wasn’t easy at first. MyUnique had to prove herself to the team. “It was hard. From working as a housekeeper to now being promoted as an administrative assistant, it took a while for my team to be okay with that. I had to let them know that I was still the same person. Yes, I do have a higher role, but I’m not better than anyone. I had to rebuild those relationships over again. When they saw I wasn’t acting any different, that’s when things started to improve,” reflects MyUnique.

In her new role, MyUnique grew quickly, and Dewayne noticed. “He’d stop by my office and ask what I was doing. If he saw I completed my tasks, he found opportunities for me to learn a new one.” Soon, she was helping with the safety rewards program, assisting with payroll, making graphs, setting up schedules, and even watching YouTube videos to grow her proficiency in Excel. “I started to realize every time Dewayne would walk by my office, he was going to give me a task and push me to learn something new.”

When she was ready, Dewayne sat her down and asked, “where do you see yourself?” She knew that she no longer wanted to be behind the desk. She wanted to be back on the floor, working with the team and making rounds. That’s when he said, “well, you need to be an assistant director.”

In July 2021, that move happened when MyUnique accepted a new role as an assistant director. She now leads a team of seven EVS team members and provides oversight for the linen and trash techs at her facility in Houston, Texas. 

It’s been an exciting journey for MyUnique, and through it all, her son has watched his mom continue to achieve her goals. “My son was two going on three when I first joined this company, and all he knows is HHS. He tells me that when he turns 18, he is going to come work for this company.”

MyUnique always comes home and speaks positively about her workday to her son. “My son associates HHS with the positive, and he wants his first job to be with the company. What I love about this job is it is based on family. I let him know that after he goes to school and gets his degree, I’ll send emails on his behalf so he can join HHS too.”

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