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October 13, 2018

Team Member Catches Elderly Woman's Fall

Richard ChofenRichard Chofen, a PM police tech at a facility in Brandon, Florida, recently saved the day for a visitor to his hospital. Richard was cleaning just inside the facility entrance when he witnessed an elderly visitor trip on a floor mat. Without hesitation, Richard reacted promptly, jumping forward and managing to catch her before she hit the ground, and then walked her over to a chair to regain composure. Richard’s quick reaction saved the visitor from a potentially serious fall, and Richard said that he “felt like Superman” for his daring rescue. Richard was praised by facility leadership for his act of heroism, all of which was captured on a security camera.

Richard has worked at his facility since January 2008, and EVS Director Melissa Yusko says, “His impressive attendance record, attention to detail, and commitment to excellence make us proud that he is a part of our HHS family.”

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