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August 13, 2020

Team Member Returns Lost Cash to Resort Guest

ricky reaganRicky Reagan was picking up loose trash in the parking garage at the resort he works at in South Carolina when he noticed something a little out of place.

A Ziploc bag full of cash. A lot of cash.

He immediately picked it up and went straight to his director’s office. Once there, Crystal, the director of housekeeping at the resort, counted the money, and it came out to $1200.

Crystal returned the money to the guest, who was incredibly thankful and stunned by the integrity Ricky showed.

Ricky’s a hard worker and prides himself on being honest, something proven not only by the fact that he returned the money, but also because there are no cameras at all in the parking garage. Pocketing the money would have been easy, but instead Ricky exhibited great personal integrity and honesty.

Ricky joined HHS in April 2019 and enjoys working at the resort in South Carolina.

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