Senior Living

From the moment we drive through your gates, we realize and respect that we are entering your residents’ homes. With that always in mind, we are honored to serve by providing a safe, clean environment that promotes a high quality of life. From creating personalized home environments for residents to offering nutritious meals for staff, visitors, and residents, to making sure your campus is structurally safe and sound, we’ve got you covered.

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Housekeeping Services

Our housekeeping services include tailored housekeeping and hospitality programs to ensure hygienic, safe, and efficiently managed spaces for residents, visitors, and staff.

Your Challenges:

  • A poor first impression caused by an inattentive housekeeping team can threaten the potential for new residents.
  • Lack of communication with residents leads to unmet resident expectations, with the ultimate issue being lower resident satisfaction and significant financial loss.
  • Insufficiently trained and unsupported management and the implementation of improper systems can be the cause for failed audits and reports.

Our Solution:

  • An engaged team combined with a system-proven housekeeping program ensures your community will appear like a showplace.
  • Resident interviews will allow residents to have their rooms cleaned to their specifications, further emphasizing our focus on ensuring residents feel at home.
  • Recruiting, hiring, and training high quality management and hourly team members is paramount in providing confidence that your community is safe and up to regulatory compliance.

Dining Services

HHS Dining is more than just delivering a meal to residents—it’s giving them the nutritional support and empowering people as advocates of their own health.

Your Challenges:

  • Without fresh nutritious food, residents have more difficulty healing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
  • Monotony in menus makes mealtime less exciting, thus lowering residents’ desires to attend meals and engage socially.
  • Inconsistent systems and disciplines leads to lowered resident satisfaction as well as unnecessarily wasted food.

Our Solution:

  • Providing residents with locally sourced food appropriate to their diet supports healthy living.
  • Creating tailored menus specifically for the resident population, rather than a corporate template, attracts residents out of their rooms for social dining.
  • Room Service Ambassadors help to cut down on miscommunication, allowing residents to see the same person for 12 hours and order directly from them.

Integrated Communities Management

Community care starts with a strong foundation – literally. HHS makes sure that your building’s structure is sound, safe, and built-to-last.

Your Challenges:

  • Ineffective preventive and corrective maintenance plans for all assets under management results in unnecessary loss of revenue.
  • Escalating costs of services and utilities with no end in sight.
  • Residence renovations and campus improvements rely on local knowledge of existing staff.

Our Solution:

  • Computerized maintenance management systems encompassing all assets provide complete visibility to all stakeholders—on any device, at any time.
  • National benchmarks and group purchasing guarantee financial transparency and responsible management.
  • In-depth project management that includes project controls for estimating and scheduling ensures that projects are delivered on time, and on budget.

At HHS, we bring all the components into harmony.


HHS – Moving Forward. Together.

Establishing a superior senior living community goes well beyond resident care – even the most expert care relies on a strong foundation for its support. At HHS, we bring all the components of support service into harmony. We work from the ground up, from ensuring that your building’s structure is sound, to creating spaces and nutrition that foster well-being, to making sure each resident’s experience is as comfortable as possible, and every detail in between. We know the importance of  your time and resources, and we value them just as much as you do.