Food & Nutrition Solutions

Culinary and Nutrition Solutions is excited to announce
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HHS proudly presents Culinary and Nutrition Solutions—a fresh, patient-focused approach to health care food-service delivery.

We’ve been in the health care industry for almost four decades. In that time, we’ve worked closely with food service departments as fellow providers of key support services in acute-care hospitals. We’ve seen plenty of food service programs up close. Like you, we’ve learned a thing or two about what works and what doesn’t.

Now, we’re bringing some of the best minds in the health care food services business together with HHS’s accumulated wisdom about customer service and operational systems. The result? Culinary and Nutrition Solutions (CNS). Patient-focused food service, second to none.

Like you, we understand that successful and effective food-service programs require: 

  • the highest quality products, locally-sourced whenever possible
  • dedicated, engaged, and team members who are patient-focused
  • professional, highly-motivated managers
  • extensive resources and support, both regionally and nationally
  • a customized, systematic approach to developing and implementing the program

Could your food service program be doing more to nourish your community?

Learn more about our approach to nourishment and our philosophy of service.

Learn more about what sets CNS apart from the competition.

Learn more about Keith O’Neill and the CNS Leadership Team.