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January 3, 2018

Dedication to a Job Means More Than Just Tenure

When pension plans were popular and tenure was key to professional success, it was not uncommon for people to devote their entire work life to one company. In fact, in a recent poll by The Associated Press it was found that 40% of Americans age 50 and older have stayed with their current employer for more than 20 years. That dedication and commitment is truly inspiring, but now, as we welcome a new age of professionals into the workforce that amount of dedication and years spent at an organization may very well be changing. However, being dedicated to your job means more than how long you’ve been at a single company. Commitment can be shown in multiple of other ways that will capture the attention of the leadership team and your fellow colleagues. Here is how you can be better committed to your role and company:

Proactively take steps to expand learning and professional development.  

Wanting to learn more about your role in the company and how you can grow professionally will exhibit your dedication to the workplace. You can show that you are proactively wanting to expand your knowledge by asking questions, learning about other departments within the company, shadowing professionals in your field, or by taking classes to further your professional development. Staying interested in your career and position will not only show devotion, but will also help you achieve new levels of career growth.

Provide first-class level service and continual support to customers and partners.

One of the most important things to focus on as an employee or leader in the workplace is providing the best experience for your customers and clients every day. Putting the customer first in everything you do will help keep your organization’s customer base loyal. In addition, it demonstrates a level of devotion to your organization’s goals and objectives while also meeting high-level customer satisfaction results.

Support fellow team members and be dedicated to helping others achieve their goals.

One of the most unique things you share with your colleagues is your dedication to the mission of the organization in which you work. Therefore, as you focus on achieving your professional goals, you also need to be committed to helping your colleagues achieve their goals as well. This support will help the organization and your coworkers operate seamlessly together and contribute to the company’s overall success. Furthermore, collaborating with each other helps create a strong, positive work culture built on trust and support.

Establish a feeling of personal ownership within the organization.

Every day when you walk into the office you should be motivated to take on the tasks at hand and be ready to fulfill your daily responsibilities to the best of your ability. When you take personal ownership of your goals and the items that need to be accomplished on your watch, you exhibit a strong commitment to your organization. This sense of ownership can also help inspire fellow team members to show the same level of commitment in their position as well.

The energy and initiative that you bring to the workplace serves as a powerful tool for exhibiting your dedication and commitment to your organization. As you incorporate these four ideas into your daily work, you will begin seeing positive results that not only affect the company, but also help develop and grow your professional portfolio.

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