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May 12, 2022

Jeff Veres Humbly Accepts Hospital Employee of the Month Recognition

Jeff Veres spent 15 years working in a supermarket before joining HHS as a housekeeper. The catalyst for this change occurred in 2017 when his mother became a patient at the hospital where he now works. While staying with her, he asked the housekeeper if they were taking applications. He applied and was offered the job shortly after. He has been faithfully serving his patients ever since, and recently he was recognized as the hospital’s employee of the month. 

Jeff Veres

Jeff is an integral part of the radiology team. EVS Director Kyle Suddath shares, “The radiology team is a large team and when it comes to ownership and his work ethic, Jeff has worked so hard [to] develop a relationship with the radiology [department]. They’ve taken Jeff in just like he works for radiology. He receives constant shout-outs from the clinical leadership in those areas. I think that speaks a lot to the relationship he’s created and maintained with them.”

Jeff’s inner drive to learn more and do his best comes naturally to him. He is a very humble person. He rides his bike to work every morning and is often the first one there and the first to volunteer when another shift is in need. “Jeff is an outstanding employee. His drive is [a] rare find. That’s just who Jeff is. He is always checking on other team members if they need help with anything. He has an incredible work ethic and genuinely cares about what we do here,” Kyle raved. 

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Jeff appreciates the level of encouragement and opportunity he has been given through Kyle and HHS in general. “I learn a lot from people and I am trying to learn more to maybe step up. I want to improve myself to create a different life,” he shared. “I try to help out as much as I can and make sure everything is [just] right. I try to make people feel how I feel.” 

Kyle is not shy at all when speaking of Jeff’s character and the potential he sees for his future: “We’re going to do everything we can to develop him so his upward momentum can be limitless.” 

When Jeff isn’t working, he spends time working outside in his yard and enjoys spending time with his nephews playing basketball or attending their Boy Scouts events. 

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