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September 17, 2021

Success Story: Rosalind Tate

“I’m happy to be part of a great team of leaders! [Accepting a management role] was one of theRosalindTate best decisions I have made, and I’m truly grateful to be part of OneHHS!” 

Rosalind Tate has had quite a career with HHS, starting as an overnight EVS aide lead in 2011 to now managing over 35 full-time team members as a director. She owes her career growth to the guidance and support of Vice President Terrance Newson. “Terrance is a great manager and leader. When he asked if I wanted to become an assistant director, I was nervous and a little afraid to leave the position I had become so comfortable with. But I felt if this advice was coming from him, it was a good thing. I knew he saw the potential in me, and if he saw that, then I should take the role as an assistant director.”

Rosalind did just that. She transitioned from an hourly supervisor to a salaried assistant director in July of 2018. The transition did come with hurdles as Rosalind had to learn how to navigate the challenges of becoming a manager for coworkers she used to work alongside daily. “It was tough, but I did the same job as my team before, and I was able to relate with them. In my new role, I was able to give advice and I knew what the team could accomplish. I was able to push them and show them that if I can make it, they can make it too!”

After two years in the assistant director role, Rosalind was promoted to director of a larger account in Woodbury, Wisconsin. “I’m still a housekeeper,” shared Rosalind. “I’m part of the team. I don’t have [my team] just do the work. I help them get it done. I lead by example.”

Rosalind makes sure to celebrate her team regularly to keep them motivated. On team members’ birthdays, she gives them small tokens of appreciation, and when someone goes above and beyond, she recognizes them on Chatter and shares their stories. “It’s little things like that that make the difference.”

What advice does Rosalind have for hourly team members wanting to grow their careers?

“You have to be motivated and you have to love the work. You have to care about the people, put yourself in their shoes, show empathy, and do your work,” shares Rosalind. “A leader doesn’t just sit behind a desk, they are out on the floor making sure there is no high dust or low dust, inspecting the floors, and getting out there to talk to the patients, nursing staff, and medical team.” 

Rosalind defines what it means to lead by example, and this is made evident by her career growth with HHS. “HHS is the company you want to work for, there is a great deal of excellent leaders with HHS, and I’m proud to be one of them.”

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