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December 18, 2023

Transport Vice President Brian Moczynski's Rise to the Top at HHS

Brian Moczynski 2023 headshotBrian Moczynski, recently promoted to Vice President, is a dynamic and innovative leader who is making a mark in the transport division of HHS. Brian's journey at HHS has been an example of persistence, adaptability, and unwavering commitment to excellence.

Worlds away from the healthcare industry, Brian started his career path in the United States Air Force. "I was in the Air Force for 10 years, working on fighter jets," he recalls. This experience laid the foundation for his unique approach to leadership and problem-solving. After his military career, Brian forayed into the corporate sphere, where various roles honed his skills in customer relations and operational management.

Brian accepted a position with HHS as an assistant director in 2011 and has steadily moved up through the ranks of the organization ever since. His role evolved from managing individual sites to overseeing larger regions, culminating in his recent promotion to Vice President.

Humility, Resolve, and Innovation

At the heart of Brian's success lies a leadership philosophy characterized by persistence, meticulous organization, and a profound respect for the directors and team members he supervises. "The people that are supporting me, my directors, [I want to] make sure that they are recognized first. I can't do my job without them doing their job. We can't be successful without each other," he humbly offers.

Brian credits much of his growth and success to the leaders he has had at HHS throughout his tenure, explaining that he’s held onto bits and pieces from everyone along the way to shape his management style. President of Patient Flow David Kraeger has been an important mentor, Brian mentioned as he recalled the advice from David that has stuck with him: surround yourself with people who are as good or better than you.

Brian M teamBrian M 2

Because of Brian’s highly effective leadership, persistent drive, and passion for exceeding expectations, he has built strong and transparent customer relationships based on a foundation of trust. One of these relationships led to the pioneering of HHS’s Motor Vehicle Operations (MVO), which Brian counts as one of his proudest accomplishments. “The customer came to me [with some challenges] and said, ‘What can we do?’ So, I got a hold of David and we came up with a plan and presented it to them. We ordered all the vans and had them wrapped. [They] are super techy and really cool. The customer is ecstatic,” Brian relayed, very pleased.

What advice would you share with aspiring HHS leaders?

"Don't be afraid to fail... Work hard, and don't be afraid to think outside the box; ask questions. We're a company of solutions so if if [the customer is] asking for something that we don't provide, don’t say no… find out [what we can do].”

Looking forward, Brian is focused on learning, growing, and excelling in his new role. He envisions a future where he continues to mentor and inspire, sharing his journey and insights with up-and-coming leaders. “I learn something new every day. I want to learn as much as I can about being a vice president and I want to be the best possible vice president I can be, I want to be [a leader] that people reach out to for help, I want to mentor people and share my story [to tell] them, ‘You can do it, if you work hard and put your time in, you can move up to that vice president spot too.’”

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