Providing a successful comfortable hospital stay is more than just treating an illness or administering care. It’s about maintaining a clean safe environment that supports recovery. It’s excellence and expert attention in every detail—right down to something as simple as the wheelchair ride across the hall. It’s the distinction between food and true nourishment. It’s about interconnected support service departments and seamless communication.

HHS is committed to taking a holistic approach to healthcare support service—and for you, that means lower costs and a better patient experience.


We’re inspired by your needs and challenges, and we have the solutions.

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Environmental Services (EVS)

HHS Environmental Services (EVS) are tailored housekeeping and hospitality programs that ensure hygienic, safe, and efficiently managed spaces for patients, visitors, and staff.

Your Challenges:

  • Ineffective cleaning systems and outdated technology lead to extended stays and readmissions caused by hospital-associated infections (HAIs), endangering patient safety and costing valuable resources.
  • High team member turnover rates, lower patient satisfaction, and significant financial loss are only a few of the products of disjointed support services.
  • Poorly trained, under-supported management teams create a reactionary inefficient EVS program that produces inconsistent results and harms the patient experience.

Our Solution:

EVS isn’t just about meeting CDC standards—to us, that’s a given. To reduce the risk of HAIs and to cultivate the most pleasant atmosphere possible, we go beyond the basics of “clean” by using industry-leading practices and technologies. We also understand that cleanliness is only part of an excellent patient experience. HHS integrates our housekeeping systems with other support service departments in order to open communication amongst departments for increased efficiency, a smoother patient experience, and, ultimately, more financial gain for you. We also employ a comprehensive training program to ensure that your onsite management and frontline teams are continually educated on best practices—not only for higher HCAHPS scores, but for a strong dedicated team that takes pride in its work.



Our culinary solutions bring a whole new standard to healthcare food service by offering quality patient-focused nourishment.

Your Challenges:

  • When it concerns making a commitment to truly healthy food and lifestyle choices, it’s often hard to get skeptics on board.
  • Lack of financial transparency can lead to money pocketed by external companies.
  • Poorly planned uninteresting cafeteria and retail spaces reduce revenue and degrade the patient experience.
  • Without proper communication between food service and other support service departments, food and other valuable resources are unnecessarily wasted.

Our Solution:

HHS Culinary solutions is more than just delivering a meal to patients during their hospital stay—it’s giving them the nutritional support to get better faster and empowering people as advocates of their own health. HHS is proud to offer community health education and activities to get the public participating in a healthy lifestyle. We’re always open about where your spending is going, and give you the rebates you deserve. It’s also important to us to create as little waste as possible—and with consistent effective communication, we reduce the chance that quality products will go unused.


Patient Flow

HHS Patient Flow solutions help move patients through your facilities with less wait time, less confusion, and less stress.

Your Challenges:

  • Extended patient wait times for admission and discharge leave patients frustrated—and increases the number of patients who choose to seek treatment elsewhere. 
  • Clinical and technical staff satisfaction is impacted when patient flow isn’t streamlined and they spend less time providing clinical care for patients.
  • Inefficient patient transportation processes reduce the number of daily procedures being performed in radiology, operating rooms, and other hospital areas.

Our Solution:

HHS Patient Flow combines cost-effective, cutting-edge technology through our proprietary BedWatch patient throughput software with proven management systems to ensure patients are moved through the facility with greater ease. This means more open schedules and an increase in satisfaction for clinicians and staff, more time for procedures, an increase in hospital revenue, reduced team member turnover and patient wait times, and a better patient experience, door-to-door.


Clinical and Biomedical Engineering

HHS Clinical and Biomedical Engineering solutions support patient care and enhance the use of healthcare technology, keeping the equipment you’ve invested in performing as it should.

Your Challenges:

  • Managing complex multi-vendor, multi-point communication hierarchies that increase confusion, cost, and repair times.
  • Lack of national benchmarks and buying power for pricing on parts and services.
  • Insufficient throughput of preventive and corrective maintenance activities.
  • Lack of updated technology that addresses equipment use, lifecycle costs, and real time locations.

Our Solution:

Our  programs are tailored to meet your specific objectives and to bring total transparency to the clinical and biomedical engineering process—not just to better serve your patients, but to maximize the ROI on your capital investments.  We bring best-of-breed management systems and quality assurance through HHS’s Clinical Peer Review methodology to ensure that all projects and initiatives are done right, on time, and on budget.


Integrated Facilities Management

We support patient care by enhancing the use of healthcare technology through proper engineering, consultation, evaluation, operation, and disposition techniques. Our program is designed to extend the life of specialized structures and building systems while improving the Environment of Care.

Your Challenges:

  • Facilities deemed unsafe or noncompliant with standards are at risk for joint commission fines, write ups, and building shutdowns.
  • When benchmarks for contracts or purchased services aren’t in place, it contributes to overpaying for services rendered.
  • Lack of sustainable practices wastes valuable resources and can negatively impact the surrounding community.
  • Ineffective sales platforms and lack of global awareness regarding healthcare assets reduces your ROI during divestment.

Our Solution:

Our facility management solutions bring traditional best practice approaches to managing healthcare facilities as well as unique and immediate high impact strategies. We directly affect your bottom line through our proprietary Operational Activism© systems, all while enhancing the Environment of Care.  Whether opening a brand new hospital, or operating an established facility, we ensure that your investments are being maximized.

Linen Utilization and Laundry Management

HHS Linen Utilization and Laundry Management programs are designed to educate staff on this valuable commodity, proactively monitor usage, and ultimately help you save tens of thousands in annual linen costs.

Your Challenges:

  • Extra weight and linen reject credits means that time, money, and resources are wasted on reconciling your invoice overcharges.
  • Without efficient management of incoming linens, your EVS department becomes overburdened by linen delivery overflow.
  • Linen availability is a source of frustration for clinical staff who are focused on patient care.

Our Solution:

Linen is a valuable commodity in healthcare and our programs pinpoint cost savings opportunities and create a culture of sustained linen awareness across all clinical and support service departments. A reduction in consumption with an increase in availability increases clinical and technical staff satisfaction.

At HHS, we bring all the components into harmony.


HHS – Moving Forward. Together.

Establishing a superior healthcare facility goes well beyond medical care itself—and even the most expert care relies on a strong foundation for its support. At HHS, we bring all the components of support service into harmony. We work from the ground up, from ensuring that your building’s structure is sound, to creating spaces and nutrition that foster recovery, to making sure each patient’s experience is as uncomplicated as possible, and every detail in between. We know the importance of your time and resources, and we value them just as much as you do. Focus on helping people get better. We’ll do the rest.