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Enrich your healthcare dining experience and drive revenue

Our culinary program is built on enriching the dining experience—for patients, guests, and staff—by providing the highest quality ingredients with a hospitality-driven approach to service. With a team of professionally trained chefs, we are able to offer creative, fresh, restaurant-quality meals that provide the flavors and nutrition that bring comfort to patients and their loved ones. Our chefs develop daily menus that reflect regional and seasonal favorites, and host exhibition-style cooking stations at the Chef’s Table, which serves as an opportunity to demonstrate their talent and ability to customize dishes. Through well-designed menus, interactive food stations, and seasonally-inspired cuisine, we are able to attract both internal and external customers into the cafe to drive revenue back to your facility. To further our commitment, our registered dietitians develop inpatient nutritional programs, post-nutritional care, and recovery plans for high-risk patients to lower the chance of malnourishment during hospital stays and to help reduce readmission rates.

Meeting Your Goals with Culinary

The foundation of our culinary program lies in our strong operational plans and rigorous, ongoing training for managers. This guarantees that from the first day of the partnership, the team will be well-equipped to provide an exceptional level of service with streamlined processes.

As part of our commitment, we only serve the freshest, highest quality ingredients to promote nutrition and healing, and create dishes that stand out among the crowd. This goal is supported by providing:

  • Customizable menus designed by professional chefs
  • Nutritional meal plans developed by registered dietitians that adhere to patients’ needs and dietary specifications
  • Exhibition-style cooking and customizable catering directly from the hospital cafe
  • Partnerships with vendors that help us meet our commitment to animal welfare and environmental sustainability
  • Dedicated budget to source local food and support community vendors when possible

HHS Culinary is where nourishment, outstanding flavor, and talent come together to improve the patient experience.

Chef’s Table

Chef’s Table is an action-based food station where chefs demonstrate their culinary talents and create an interactive dining experience for cafe guests. The incorporation of the Chef’s Table attracts both internal and external customers into the cafe, which produces an additional revenue stream for your hospital.

Patient Ambassador Program

Patient ambassadors are an integral part of the patient service team. They provide personal, one-on-one attention for every patient during meal time to ensure their order is taken correctly and in a timely manner. They also guarantee each tray is accurately prepared and delivered according to specific diets and items requested. Not only does this drive patient satisfaction, but by working collaboratively with the nursing staff, it also streamlines communication and establishes a strong interdepartmental connection.

Food Waste Reduction Program – Waste-A-Weigh

Waste-a-Weigh effectively monitors and measures all the food that goes into the trash—from vegetable peelings to expired inventory and leftover prepared food. Based on the data collected, we are able to see where the team can make improvements and set waste reduction goals. Waste-a-Weigh aims to improve your sustainability efforts and reduce costs at your facility.

Nurturing Nurses

Interdepartmental collaboration is one of our main priorities. Our Nurturing Nurses program focuses specifically on building relationships with the nursing staff to gain an understanding and plan for how the culinary team can best support their needs.

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