Importance of Practicing Gratitude as a Business Leader

Posted on November 22, 2017


As the holiday season quickly approaches, you’re likely to begin seeing and hearing messages of thankfulness and gratitude on TV, radio, social media, and throughout emails and company messages. After a while it can start to feel cliché and may even become like white noise. But be sure not to just dismiss these ideas as feel good Thanksgiving rituals. Instead, put these talking points into action to help develop and improve both your personal and professional relationships.  

Gratitude is especially important in the workplace and, as leaders, it helps us to better communicate and show appreciation for the hard work and dedication put forth by our teams.  When leaders exercise gratitude it can contribute to organizational success in many ways — from improved employee satisfaction, increased employee retention rates, more efficient operations, increased customer satisfaction and loyalty, to additional new business opportunities. Simply practicing gratitude and incorporating it into the workplace can positively affect three vital parts of every organization.

Employees and Colleagues

Recognizing your employees’ and colleagues’ positive attributes and contributions to the workplace, rather than simply focusing on needed improvement, helps to get the right people in the right roles, so that the company can run more effectively and efficiently. Furthermore, voicing these observations makes your team feel appreciated, which results in motivation to continue to work hard and prompts a positive attitude. Hard work and positivity will be evident in your company’s output and will lead to greater levels of customer satisfaction. Lastly, your genuine thankfulness for those around helps to establish a culture of gratitude. Others will follow in your steps and this positive environment of recognition will result in increased employee satisfaction and company loyalty.


We all know that it is much more expensive to earn new business than it is to maintain current customers. One way to keep your clients top of mind and feeling appreciated is through building gratitude within your professional relationships. Partnerships and clients are the reason we have financial gain and business, therefore, it’s important to show how much you appreciate them for choosing you as their provider. By sending regular thank you notes, calling to check in, and publicly recognizing them for their collaboration with your organization can benefit both parties and can help create a strong bond between you both.


Establishing trust during the sales process can be an uphill battle. However, gratitude can be an excellent tool as the practice can heighten your mood and help build relationships. It makes you more personable to a potential customer, which is a precursor to the development of trust — as trust is a critical component of gaining someone’s business.

By actively practicing gratitude within the workplace, you will begin to see the effects it has on yourself, your team, and your organization as a whole. Here are some easy and practical ways you can begin to make gratitude part of your everyday routine:
  • Say thank you more often than not.
    • Look for opportunities to recognize someone that you’re grateful for and thank them for what they do.
  • Show appreciation for someone publicly.
    • Recognizing someone publicly will not only mean more to that person, but it will also help to establish a culture of gratitude amongst your team.
  • Be specific in your gratitude.
    • Generally thanking people is nice, but it is important to identify specific items you are grateful for and intentionally give gratitude for them.
  • Keep a daily gratitude list.
    • Write down three to five things that you are thankful for every day and keep it in a journal or notepad, or even as a note on your phone. This will help to create a place of habitual gratitude.
  • Do not appreciate falsely.
    • Nothing will ruin the practice of gratitude more than it not being true and honest. Be genuine in your appreciation and don’t force it. Remember, gratitude leads to trust.

This Thanksgiving and every single day thereafter, make gratitude the forefront of building both personal and professional relationships and expressing your true appreciation.


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