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How to Clean Up Your Home After a Sick Person

Bacteria and viruses can easily be spread from one person to another and stay hidden on surfaces for long periods of time, which puts anyone who comes in contact these germs at risk of getting sick. If you live with at least one other person— whether that’s family…more


Satisfy Your Sweet-Tooth with Perfectly Melted Chocolate

Creamy, decadent, soul-satisfying chocolate — it’s a main staple of many delectable desserts and helps fulfill our sweet-tooth desires. When you crave warm, velvety chocolate that glazes over the top of pretzels, cake balls, almonds, and more, you may be left scratching your head on how to get…more


The Holiday Veggie that Brings a Wealth of Nutrients

By Maddy Davis, R.D.  For many people in the United States, green beans are closely tied to the holidays. They make an annual appearance on holiday tables around the country in casseroles or sautés and may not be seen again until the next holiday season. But because green…more


people at a party

Remove the Hassle from Cleaning After a Party

Birthdays, football parties, holiday gatherings, and so much more. Hosting parties can be a lot of fun, but cleaning up after them may not be. If you find yourself enjoying the party, but dreading the clean up, you’ll appreciate these 8 tips for making the cleaning process easy…more


6 Crucial Steps to Prepare Your Home for Vacation

Have you ever left for vacation and halfway to your destination gotten an uneasy feeling that you might have left the front door unlocked or the garage door open? That sinking feeling can sit deep in the pit of your stomach and leave you feeling anxious the entire…more


Sweet Potato Soufflé

Flood your kitchen with the warm aroma of holiday spice. This sweet and creamy soufflé is the perfect balance to the deep, savory flavors of your Thanksgiving feast. Share this delicate spin on a holiday classic while you gather around the table with loved ones. Ingredients 1 tablespoon…more


Pumpkin Pie with Graham Cracker Crust and Cream Cheese Whip

By Danielle Robinson The first appearance of this tasty dessert was at the pilgrims’ second Thanksgiving in 1623 and since its debut has become a holiday staple. Pumpkin pie truly encompasses the flavors of autumn. In fact, many of us return to the same recipe year after year.…more


What’s So Good About Turkey?

By Maddy Davis, R.D.  Nutritional Benefits of Turkey & The History of Thanksgiving One key element of a healthy eating pattern, as described in the 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, is to include a variety of nutrient-dense protein sources in your diet, such as lean meats, including turkey,…more


Best Homemade Scrambled Eggs

A recipe that you might have learned growing up is how to make scrambled eggs. It seems pretty simple —  you crack a few eggs in a bowl, whisk them with a little salt and pepper, maybe add some milk, and then cook them in a pan. While…more